Tips for Get Repeat Orders On Your eCommerce Website

As a budding eCommerce website, you want to keep advertising costs low. The eCommerce website design Warrington team always use the phrase “it’s cheaper to sell to past customers than finding new customers.” With ad views, clicks and conversions turning out to be expensive, this holds true for most, if not all, eCommerce businesses.

Here our eCommerce website design Warrington team shares some useful tips to get repeat orders.

Discount Code

The easiest way to get a lot of repeat orders is to include a discount code in the order. You could offer shipping discounts or a flat rate discount on reaching a minimum cart value. But tread this path with caution lest your customers become accustomed to discounting and expect it from you all the time.

Talk to your eCommerce website design Warrington agency to implement this feature on your website.


Give them a credit to use in your store (£10 against the next order). This is a great way to pull dormant customers back to your store. The credit makes shopping much more alluring; the customer may feel the need to spend it, else they are wasting money.

Seek help from your eCommerce website design Warrington agency to put this feature in place.

Loyalty Programme

Develop a loyalty programme for your store to increase repeat orders from your existing customers while at the same time rewarding them. You could reward customers on their second purchase or after spending a specific sum of money on your store.

A professional eCommerce website design Warrington agency can offer this feature built in to your eCommerce website.


Your customers are the easiest to market to as they are interested in your products, and they are willing to trust you. Send them interesting content, news and deals regularly to stay on top of their minds the next time they’re thinking of making a purchase.

However, avoid overdoing it. Send too many emails and you are sure to be marked as spam.

Speak to your eCommerce website design Warrington service for help setting up a regular newsletter and email marketing campaign for you.

Request for Feedback

Of course, not all customers may be ready to take a quick survey. However, there are customers who will quickly take the time to provide feedback. This could be either because they are utterly satisfied with your service, or because they didn’t like the way they were treated.

Feedback helps build trust, and shows you care. Take the requisite steps to redress the issue in case you receive negative feedback.

There you go. Those are our top five strategies to get repeat orders from existing and past customers.

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