Tips for a User Friendly Ecommerce Website From Our Ecommerce Web Design Warrington Team

In this highly competitive market where customers have numerous options, what makes an ecommerce website really successful? The shopping experience of course! Shoppers expect quick and easy service.

So, how do you ensure your ecommerce website is user-friendly?

An efficient ecommerce web design Warrington service can help increase the profitability of your ecommerce website by designing a user-friendly website.

Showcase Hot Products Prominently

Keep track of the most popular products on your online store and project them prominently on the homepage. You can even display related products. Ensure your customers don’t have to search for the products they want to buy.

Organise The Site Well

Easy navigation enhances the shopping experience. Label all products into broad categories and provide drop down menus for the sub categories. It also helps if your visitors can customise their search based on aspects like price, colour and size. A well organised site saves time and helps avoid confusion.

The Search Bar

Display the search bar prominently on all pages so that visitors can easily type in a search query to quickly find what they’re looking for. The search bar comes in handy when a customer is looking for a specific product.

If a customer visits your site and does not find what he is looking for from your navigation, his next best option is to use the search bar. Most visitors will leave the site if they can’t find what they’re looking for easily.

Product Photos And Description

Make decision making easy by providing crisp descriptions and product photographs. Help customers feel the product more realistically by providing images of the products from different angles.

Your ecommerce web design Warrington can include zooming feature to help customers scrutinise the product more closely. Ensure that the photos are of high quality. After all, people buy with their eyes.

So, the more you help customers visualise the product, better will be the effect.

Sign Up Process

Shoppers dislike lengthy sign up forms. Keep the sign up process short and crisp. Just ask for basic details like name, email, password and contact number. Also provide an option to shop without registering.

Ask them to sign up after the purchase. This strategy has proved to be very successful in increasing the number of registrations, enhancing revenues and improving customer retention. Discuss with your ecommerce web design Warrington service to create an effective sign up form.

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