Some of the best plugins for your WordPress website

Plugins are essential tools for any WordPress website for their additional functionality, which is necessary for the sites optimal performance. WordPress has thousands of plugins, and Web Design Warrington believes this is because the platform is open source, and therefore, many developers are allowed to design these extensions. There are plugins which are available for free and others which can be bought from independent developers with their prices varying depending on the recognition and reputation of the programmers. These plugins are crucial in the customization of the website to ensure the website owner has a website that performs its intended functions with efficiency and an excellent web visitor experience on the site. Some of these plugins include;

Free Google XML Sitemap Plugin

This is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin which is very important for ensuring your website to be easily found in the search results and hence increasing targeted traffic to your site. Web Design Warrington also disclosed that the site has a feature which updates all the dominant search engines when you make an update on your website which helps to push your online content to be easily found in their search results.


This is an ecommerce plugin which is helpful in the development of online stores that permits the selling of a wide range of products. It is a very effective business strategy to have an online store, especially with the rise of online shopping which is being witnessed today and includes shipping charges which are affordable to stand out from other competing brands. The plugin has several payment options which give customers the flexibility of choosing one they are most comfortable with.

Akismet plugin

This an anti-spam plugin which is responsible for going through the website’s comments and filtering out those which it deems to be spammy. According to Web Design Warrington, this plugin will, however, give out a report to the user for the various comments, so you know those which it considered spams.


This is a plugin which was made by Automattic, which comes with many features such as security, optimization of images, appearance, etc. The plugin has a feature which shares the websites online content with relevant parties improving the SEO rankings of the site. Furthermore, the plugins protect the site from potential threats of hackers and do frequent checkups on the site to check for downtime at 5 minutes’ intervals notifying the web owner of problems which are uncovered.

Everest Forms

It is essential for all websites to have a contact page where clients can use to reach you on regardless of the size of your site. This pages will enable the website to interact directly with prospective clients, answer queries, and be contacted for various business opportunities. Web Design Warrington recommends the use of Everest Forms plugin for the creation of appealing contact forms which comes with a drag-drop feature for easy customization and unique styling of these forms.

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