What Do Two Rounds of Twitter Updates Mean For You?



Twitter, the platform famed for keeping it short and sweet has recently rolled out two updates to the platform that allow users to create both longer tweets and usernames.

The first update saw the amount of characters permitted within a tweet double from 140 to 280, allowing for longer form tweets.

The more recent update has changed the character limit within user names to a whopping 50, so if you have a double barrelled name or your simply an emojiaholic (yes we know that’s not a real word) then you’re in luck.

But are these updates really necessary or do they kind of diminish the entire purpose of twitter?

Your web design Warrington agency is here to break it all down.

Is Twitter Losing its Charm with These Updates?

As we previously said, Twitter is the undefeated champion of keeping it short and sweet. We feel there is something quite entertaining about attempting to fit a rant about the latest episode of your favourite TV show into a limited character count.


Similarly, finding a Twitter handle that fits within the original character count has produced some of the best nick names currently on the internet.


Therefore, we have wonder if Twitter’s latest update to character limits might almost take some of the fun away from Twitter.

How Are Blue Whale Reacting to The Updates?

The in house social media executives and content writers at Blue Whale Media are having to adapt to the new updates and while they now let us deliver a longer message, we aren’t sure whether the short and punchy tweets from before deliver more impact.

Because of this, you can expect to see Blue Whale making use of the extended character count, but only where we feel it is truly necessary.

We will still continue to produce snappy, engaging Twitter material for our own organisation and our clients through a variety of different styles of tweet.

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