When to use animations on your website

Animations are used in web designers Warrington to fulfil a particular purpose. Apart from adding a little bit of aesthetic value to your website, they are used to highlight relevant information and make website navigation easier. Some of the most popular animations featured in websites include sliding galleries transitions, buttons that change colour when you mouse over them and fields that highlight when you click on them. When is it essential to use animations?

Micro-interactions to Highlight Actions

Micro-interactions are simple animations that serve a single purpose as is the case when a button highlights itself when you click on it. This kind of animation provides visual feedback when you contact an element and gives you information on how to use it. Micro-interactions should be subtle to avoid distracting the user from the original information hence should be used to perform the following tasks: to indicate when a particular feature is turned on or off, alert a user that a specific action is successful, for instance, information sent has been received.

Micro-interactions are also used to show specific information, for example, prices in a table and to animate website icons. Implementation of micro-interactions is made easy by the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) software. However, web designers Warrington themes such as Divi come with built-in options for implementation at every stage.

Show Hidden Menus

Since Menus are the primary way to navigate a website, many people think that they should be easily accessible. Hidden menus come in handy when your site involves numerous pages. Animations slow down the appearance of hidden menus which would otherwise pop up on your screen abruptly and cause distractions.

Animations that come along with the Divi theme are found in different designs such as flip, slide, fade and expand. Ensure that the type of animation web designers Warrington choose is first tested on mobile phones and desktop computers so that it does not interfere with the efficiency of your website.

Display Hidden Information

Hover, animations are the best to use when you want to maximize information in a limited web space. For instance, on a website that deals with shoe designs and sales, hover animations are used in such a way that when you mouse over the shoe pictures, the prices and shoe number pops up. The most important thing is to ensure that web designers Warrington add information that is interesting and helpful to web users. Hover animations can also be used as micro-interactions and require the use of CSS to create depth and flair to simple websites.

Create Sliding Galleries

Sliding galleries are the most popular among all animations since they add style and make galleries more user-friendly. Sliding galleries provide an exciting way to give a pictorial story and make presentations. Most sliding galleries are highly compatible with plug-ins. However, Divi theme has an inbuilt slider module that accommodates sliding galleries and customizes their transitions. Most websites have sliders at the top of their pages, but this trend has changed since many web designers Warrington are incorporating them in display testimonials for various products and services.

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