How Easy Is It To Use Mevo?

Mevo is a live streaming event camera that enables you to edit your video as the event is still in progress. It is a pocket-sized camera that has multi-function production capabilities thus is convenient for web designers Warrington that would still like to share their live stream event videos. How easy is it to use Mevo?

Download the Mevo App

Download and install the Mevo app from Google Play or App store. When you are done, switch the camera on and off. Press and hold the power button at the top of the camera for a moment. The battery light will be on, followed by a pair of beeps. Remove your finger from the power button and the LED light will spin as the camera starts up. The camera is ready to be used when the Wi-Fi and battery lights are stable.

Switch off by pressing and holding the power bottom until the led white light completes a spin and blinks white before fading off. Alternatively, go settings, scroll to the bottom and tap turn off Mevo.

Launch the Mevo App

When you have finished downloading the web designer Warrington Mevo app, tap to launch it. You will be shown that the app has connected to Vimeo. Tap next to continue then you will be prompted to open a Vimeo account or log in right away if you already have an account. It is still possible to use the Mevo app even if you do not have an account. To do this, tap skip on the bottom right corner and tap confirm if you do not want to log in.

Connect To Mevo in Hotspot/ 4G LTE Mode or Local Wi-Fi Network

Connect your camera to the app through its hotspot then stream over to your mobile 4G LTE mode. Ensure that you have an adequate data plan since live streaming consumes a lot of data. When you switch on your Mevo, check if the hotspot led light on the back of the camera is pulsing blue to show that the hot spot connection feature is on.

If you prefer local Wi-Fi, first confirm that the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features on your web design Warrington mobile device are enabled then launch the app. Go to the bottom right of the card and tap the configure Mevo button then tap show Wi-Fi networks. The app will take a short moment to load then a list of the available networks will pop up. Web designers Warrington recommend that you use 5GHZ networks for live streaming instead of 2GHZ networks.

Mevo works well with networks whose passwords are a maximum of sixty-three characters. When your Mevo is connected, the led ring on the back of the camera will show a solid green light. Tap done. Web designer Warrington Mevo will update its status. Tap connect to communicate with Mevo through your local Wi-Fi network. If Mevo fails to connect, hard close the app then relaunch it or perform a reboot on the camera or your mobile device. Contact experts from Seedspark if Mevo fails to connect at all.

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