Why Lighting Is Important In Videos

Lighting is an important aspect of developing videos as it lets you set the mood for the visual. Pinpointing brightness on specific areas or people will assist in persuading the audience to direct the eye to the spot thus ensuring important aspects of the Warrington Web Design video are captured and not missed.

3 Point Lighting

3 point lighting is a common technique used in videos. The main object of Warrington Web Design is illuminated well and highlighted. As a business, you can concentrate more light on your brand or product so that your views can easily notice what you are showcasing.

Key Lighting

It mainly focuses on the main subject in the scene and thereby reducing the shadows and ensures the object stands out from other objects.

In this approach, you can install the key light on any side of the camera where the main object is facing. You can then try focusing on the exact position that you require; you can continually adjust the light and angle to capture the mood of the video.

Filling lighting

At times key lighting creates shadows, and these are undesirable because the object must stand out. Therefore, fill lighting solves the problems of dark areas. They illuminate the dull areas. Ensure the fill lights are not very strong. Very strong fill light can create other shadows thus unable to solve the initial problem. With too much light might not illuminate the dark areas.


This type of lighting offers a direct contrast between the main subject and the environment. It is normally placed at the back of the main object. The camera ensures the whole area remains focused on the main object. Sometimes dimmers are used to control the intensity of backlighting. You can also use fillers and gel to control the intensity. During the day, Warrington Web Design uses the sun as backlighting and there will be a perfect glow on the whole object.


At times, lighting may not be enough. You can blend with colours to accent the whole scene. You can also use colour gels to adjust the intensity of the colour of the lighting. The gels are coloured and allow some light to illuminate the entire scene. Colour also changes the mood, energy, and drama to the scenes.


Contrast is a good way of defining items in a video. It can be used to darken or bring some light to shadows or dark objects thus illuminating to bring out some light to the object. Warrington Web Design notes that poor contrast makes some actions confuse the view and distract from the subject.


Lighting requires experience and enough time to develop the best lighting for your video. Knowing how to use lighting for both indoor and outdoor captures properly help turn the video to the way you want. Warrington Web design uses lightings in its video thus viewers can notice the main object.

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