Why Most Visitors Aren’t Filling Out Your Contact Form – Tips From A Warrington Web Design Agency

For many small business websites, the primary goal is to generate leads. Take for instance, our own website. Our aim is to have business owners contact us about our Warrington web design services. That’s the purpose of a contact form.

However, what if most of your visitors are not filling out your form at all?

Our Warrington web design team looks at some of the common reasons.

No Strong Reason to Contact

Why should visitors fill out your contact form? What’s in it for them? If your visitors do not understand why they have to contact you, more than likely, they’ll not fill out your form. Give them a good reason to do so.

It could a free consultation, or simply a commitment to get back to them within 1 business day.

An Unending Form

Forms with very little fields are filled out much more than forms with unending list of questions. Several studies support this thought. In fact, according to a study, the submissions increase by 5% when you remove the phone number field.

People don’t want to give too much information the first time. So, keep your contact form simple and easy. Keep only the essential fields and see your conversions go up.

Lack of Trust

If your visitors do not trust you, they are not going to make contact. Think about it. Would you contact someone you can’t trust?

In the absence of credibility, your contact form submissions are bound to be low.

So what’s the solution?

Hire an experienced Warrington web design agency to create a strong website that provides clear and precise information about your business, your products/services and what you can offer.

The easiest way to establish trust is to provide phone number and email address.

Include customer testimonials to add to your credibility.

Associated with any industry associations? Showcase those associations.

Need assistance with your contact form? We can help you get more conversions on your contact form.

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