Web Design Mistakes that Will Prove Expensive for Your Business – Part 2

In the previous post, we saw three web design mistakes that could kill your website. Here we discuss 3 more mistakes that could prove fatal. Keep this checklist close when you are creating a website to make sure you’re not making these mistakes.

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When visitors reach the bottom of your page, the footer should follow immediately. When the space between the end of the page and the footer is far too much, it doesn’t bode well for your website. Make sure the footer pops up right near the end of the page without a lot of unnecessary gap. Speak to a web design company Warrington to fix this issue.

Blurred Photographs

Images convey a lot about your brand. Using high resolution images can turn out to be a deal clincher. However, when you use poor quality or low resolution pictures, your website will look a little less professional.

No matter where on your website you use images – products section, homepage or the about us section, be sure to use high quality photos.

Your web design company Warrington can help sourcing sharp, top notch pictures for you.

Loud Music Turns on Automatically

You want to create the right ambiance for your website visitors. When music autoplays the moment a visitor gets on your website, more often than not, it will prove to be a hassle. You have no idea where your visitors may be accessing your website from.

And if they access it from a public place, they will likely feel embarrassed when loud music blares suddenly from the website, and bounce out of your website in no time. A solution to this situation is to offer a pause button so the user may turn off the music.

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Hire an Expert Web Design Company Warrington

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