Google Chrome Extensions Every Web Developer Must Have

Google has influenced web services and has made chrome the best and most popular browser when it comes to web development. There are several Google Chrome extension that is useful to developers and web designers. Below is a list of some of the best extensions for web developers according to the productivity of Web Design Warrington and success.

Quick Code – free programming courses

This one offers free programming courses available online in a new tab of your browser every day. This extension is useful since you get daily updates on the courses such as; web development, programming languages, front end development, blockchain, mobile apps development, machine learning, data science and database.


Each day, there are new and up to date development technologies that are being released on the wide web. For Web Design Warrington, it becomes quite a hassle staying up to date. This extension was developed by developers to help focus mostly on Code rather than continually searching for news on the web.


This chrome extension is useful for taking full-page screenshots of webpages in different mobile browsers and desktops from your browsers by clicking once. The screenshots are helpful in fast-tracking inter-browser compatibility and testing of websites and webpages.

Site Palette

It is offered free and generates palettes depending on different web colours. It helps in supporting various palette generators, creating shareable links, Adding Adobe swatch support and adding various printing styles.


It is relatively new and is available in chrome and Firefox. It displays the GitHub trending, product hunt and hacker news on every new tab. For Web Design Warrington, it does not require any login, and it’s an open source project.

Multi-browser screenshots

It is absolutely free and allows you to observe how the website performs on many devices or browsers. These include; edge, chrome 50, internet explorer 11/10/9/8, Firefox, iPad Air, Google Nexus 6, 9 and iPhone 6 Plus.


This extension is the bridge that lets you visit a wide web of the future in your present-day browser. You can run Ethereum Apps in your browser, and you don’t have to run a complete Ethereum node. It has a secure vault for security purposes and to provide you with a safe interface for managing your identity on various sites. It is also useful for signing blockchain transactions.

With this extension, anybody can save, do modifications and share any site in real-time basis without accessing the websites source code, For instance; you can edit JS, CSS or HTML code in a webpage or even add by the use of developer tools. Web Design Warrington can then save and obtain a unique URL concerning the changed version.


This extension replaces each new tab available on your browser with the most recent GitHub repositories. All that is needed of you is to select the type of repositories you would like to see and the language. For instance, you can set; monthly, weekly and yearly.


The chrome extensions are therefore useful for any developer, and Web Design Warrington employs their use every day.

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