Website Colour Schemes: Spa, Massage or Salon

Website Colour Schemes: Spa, Massage or Salon

Research shows that 90% of online snap decisions are driven purely by the perception of colours. Choosing the right website colour scheme is what makes your website memorable, trustworthy, attractive, and profitable.

Blue Whale Media has a team of website designers in Wigan who solely focus on colour schemes for varying industries. Our team carefully considers which colours to add to a colour scheme and why it is effective or engaging.

Where to begin with a colour scheme?

An average user has an attention span of 15 seconds. That’s how long you have to convince your audience to continue browsing your website. By combining different colours and hues, you can create colour palettes that bring harmony to the design as well as evoke desired emotions.

Spa and Salon Beautiful WordPress Theme v 1.6.1

This attractive Health & Beauty WordPress Theme can be used for a stylish Spa or Massage Salon; it has advanced functionality and beautiful responsive design. It is the right solution for contemporary spa salon, beauty company, hair or makeup salon, wellness center & massage services agency.

It is also perfect for personal sites: massage therapist firm, chiropractic bureau, orthopedic masseur doctor, massagist business, skin expert, shop, store with appointment option.

This theme makes it easy to promote your business online, you get access to lots of pre-built pages, and if you wish to get creative. You also can take online bookings since the theme is compatible with the Booked plugin.

What Emotions Are Associated With Different Colours?

There is a whole field of science dedicated to studying the effects of colour on human behaviour. Research has established that colours indeed evoke emotions: some make us happy, alert, or relaxed, while others tap into darker feelings.

It’s not the colours but the types of tones that you choose that could mean different things for your brand. You could look at different types of purple and yellow, along with complementary colours, and you might be portraying entirely different moods. By choosing the right colour palette for your website, you can change the way people think of your brand and generate lasting emotions.

What Colours Grab The Most Attention?

The right colour combinations are essential in web design as they help designers establish visual hierarchy. There are bold colours, like red, yellow, or orange, that are practically unmissable and demand our undivided attention. Some web designers use bright colours to sharpen navigation and create a more intuitive user experience. Whereas, there are weaker colours, such as gray, white, or light blue, that help to create contrast and make essential elements pop.

Which Industries Favour Different Colours?

Different industries favour different colours, as they’re trying to evoke particular emotions and engage with a contrast of target audiences. The truth is that you shouldn’t try to fit a colour into your palette just because you have a spa and someone says that yellow is calming. Instead, look at your business first and foremost because this is the very first step for building a fantastic colour palette

The truth is, you don’t need to be a designer to compile a beautiful website colour scheme. Once you have a colour scheme that is both beautiful and meaningful, you will never grow tired of it. The more you use it, the more you and your audience will fall in love with it.