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Dacha UK


Dacha was born out of a desire to do things differently and properly to the rest of the Security Industry. Dacha gained some large customers early in its life that is still with us to this day and has allowed us to organically grow astutely bringing on staff members who can improve us and the service we offer to our customers.

Our website design team has created a new website for Dacha that showcases them to be a trusted and established company. We used a vibrant orange colour scheme throughout the website in certain sections as well as incorporating the colour grey, which should keep the user engaged. Our team also creating captivating custom-made animations for the homepage header and hover animations that show full-screen images when the cursor hovers over a certain section.

We included a fancy footer that utilises SVG’s to show a clean and crisp curved line as a separator for the footer section of the website page. We also ensured to create a well-spaced-out website and re-wrote the content within the website to give it a more professional look whilst showcasing their services. Current and potential clients can now easily find information about the company and the services offered in certain sectors.

Biggest Change.
The new website for Dacha UK is the perfect solution for the company to make themselves a strong brand presence online. We have made many changes to the site but the most noticeable changes have been; the use of captivating custom-made animations for the homepage header and throughout the site. We also used custom hover-animations that show full screen images when each individual section is hovered over, which creates engagement and more interaction from the users. These new features should hopefully result in more successful leads.

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Launch Date: 25.05.21