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LCD Buyer


LCD Buyer buy cracked iPhone and Samsung LCD screens, even ones with damaged LCDs, dead pixels, broken touch, pressure marks other problems.

What We Did.
For LCD Buyer, our whole team at Blue Whale Media was involved with the design and creation stages. We created a sleek new website as well as a new logo that is funky but shows what the company does entirely. The new website has a simple but attractive design and colour scheme, we designed the logo to match the website, but to also increase the brand identity of the company.

The website is easy to use and navigate; the content has also been written so that customers can fully understand the process. We included a simple navigation menu in both the header and footer, which creates a much easier user experience; there is also a login and registration page that quickly contacts LCD Buyer. There are also multiple links to the contact us page. If a web user wants to contact the company, they can do so very easily as we included links to this page in the header and footer.

Biggest Change.
The new website for LCD Buyer showcases many new features. A new logo has been created which follows the design of the website. We have added a new login and registration page, along with a blog page with multiple links to contacts. The overall design follows a simple navigation and professional look. Making these changes will strengthen the brands identity and encourage people to revisit the website, resulting in an increase in sales and growth for the business.

Category: brochure

Launch Date: 31:12:20