How a Website Redesign Can Help Increase Your Traffic – Tips From A Web Design Warrington Agency

So you have a website. It has worked well for you so far and you are happy with the results. Have you thought of giving your website a makeover with a web design Warrington agency? No? Perhaps it’s time you did. It’s time to hire a professional web design Warrington agency to give your website a complete new makeover. The online world is rapidly changing and it is in your interests to keep up with the times. Here’s how a website redesign can help your business.

Old Websites aren’t SEO Friendly

Older websites do not always follow SEO best practices. Of course, even many new websites don’t – but when you hire Blue Whale Media, you get a completely SEO optimised website. Your old website has limited capability when it comes to SEO. So there’s no point investing in it when you can do a lot more with a redesigned website.

New Design Looks a Lot More Professional

Say you are visiting a client. Would you visit them in clothes that belong to the 1980s? No? The same holds true for your website too. Old designs give the impression that you are still stuck in the past or worse yet, out of business. Imagine what your visitors would be thinking if they come across your antiquated website? Perhaps you are not in business anymore. Your products might be as outdated as your website. And so on. Invest in a redesign to stay current and make the right impression on your visitors.

Make it Mobile Friendly

If your website is even 2 years old, chances are it’s not mobile responsive. If it was developed 4 years ago or earlier, it’s definitely not mobile friendly. During those times, mobile phones were not so popular for online traffic. However, today things have dramatically changed. The traffic from mobile devices is way more than that of desktops and laptops. Almost everything you can think of – reading news, online banking, shopping and even Google search – is being done on smartphones. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are alienating a big chunk of your potential customers. By hiring an expert web design Warrington agency for a fresh redesign, you can avoid losing out on those prospective customers.

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