Website Usability Checklist For Your Business

Your business website is ready and you want the world to know about your products and services. However, you need to understand whether the website will really reach out to your target audience. Getting your web design Warrington team to run some tests to check its usability will ensure you have a perfectly workable website.


There are many things your web design Warrington team will do to check the usability of your business website. Making a checklist will be the first step. This will help you to organise your website construction process. It will also help in optimally converting into reality what you conceptualise about your website and its pages. Here are some points your checklist must include.

Are Important Elements Of The Page Prominently Displayed?

The content, tabs, buttons and anything else that you want the visitor to notice must be placed in those spots of the website that’s mostly likely to get noticed.

Are The Page Areas Clearly Defined?

The visitor must be able to clearly identify each section of the page. Clear and appropriate use of demarcating features is necessary.

Are Clickable Elements Recognisable?

Links, buttons and tabs must be easily recognisable. You can ask your web design Warrington team to design unique clickable elements that can be easily recognised and associated with your website.

Are You Content With The Website Content?

Unnecessary content can act as a barrier to the website user. You need to keep only as much content that adds value to your website.

Is the user able to navigate the pages of your website easily?

Nothing can irritate your visitors more than the agony of having to search unsuccessfully for information on a website. You need to get your web design Warrington team to make your website easy to access and navigate.

Don’t Put Everything On The Home Page – Top Tip From A Web Design Warrington Agency

You want to tell the website visitor all about your business. But that doesn’t mean you put everything on the home page. The home page of your website is the first of the pages your visitor is likely to take a look at. Make it impressive.

Does Your Website Give The User Important Information?

You need to check if your website includes important information such as phone numbers, contact details, prices, shipping rates, working hours, etc. for users to be able to do business with you.

Your web design Warrington team will also bring its own work checklist that you can check for the perfect website.

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