What forms of Marketing should you be using this 2018 Holiday season

It’s the season to be jolly everyone. We have taken a few minutes of our time to let you in on what marketing you should be doing for Christmas 2018!

If you have read my earlier blog you know that Blue Whale Media have planned for the Holiday season, and not just for our team but also for our lovely followers too. So here we go let’s talk Christmas Marketing 2018!

What’s happened in 2018 to change marketing for Christmas 2018

2018 has been a strange year for online marketing companies like ours. There has been a lot of attention given to compliance this year. GDPR compliance, Online Security compliance etc.

Instead of everyone panicking as Christmas 2018, creeps… who we kidding stomps into view, we thought we would spend the time today putting your minds at rest on what you can and cannot do to market your company for Christmas 2018!

Email Marketing

As everyone should know by now email marketing these days has to be compliant with the new GDPR rules which launched this may. If you haven’t sent out an opt-in email yet, please get this actioned asap or all your marketing will be non-complaint. We can help with this and have a standard design which can be used to fit your company for just £195 + VAT, get in contact now on 01925 552050.

Once you have all your opt-ins then you are free to continue marketing to them as much as your heart desires, or time you have in reality.

Blue Whale Media Ltd has already started its email marketing designs in place for the major events, from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 23 days leading up to Christmas to New Year’s Eve and January Sales. That’s 27 designs we are creating for each of our email marketing clients.

If you haven’t started your designs then contact the marketing team now on 01925 552050, designs start at £50 + VAT.

Social Media Marketing

We have big things in store for our social media follower this season.

If you have followed us in recent years you will be accustomed to our 25 days of Christmas countdown competitions. But this year there will be many ways to enter. So, make sure you are following all our Social Media platforms, so you don’t miss out.

We have also been working hard on custom seasonal banners for our pages which will help bring the season to life.

All our posts have been carefully written to ensure they are on point with our Christmas marketing and seasonal cheer.

Mail Shots

Christmas is a great time to put a twist on mailshots. This year we have some exciting versions of mail marketing in production for our clients. We have our promotional Christmas cards complete with privilege customer purchasing offers.

We also have our promotional Christmas menus which have been created for our restaurant owners.

The annual Blue Whale Media Christmas Card is in production and we can’t wait to share the design with you.

Christmas Marketing 2018

Christmas 2018 is set to be the biggest festive season yet for Blue Whale Media and we can wait to share all our events and marketing documents with you on our Social Media feeds.

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