What Is a Drone Licence?

When it comes to cutting edge technology, it does not get much more cutting edge than drones. Originally developed for the military, drones are an example of UAV (unmanned air vehicles) that are fast becoming readily available to the public.

Drones offer a unique perspective of landscapes, buildings and anything else they can fly above but they do however come with an attached set of rules.

These rules are not just a list of recommendations, they are actually lawfully binding and failure to comply with them can have very real, legal ramifications.

So, what is a drone licence?

Drone Licences- Dispelling the Myth

The term ‘drone licence’ is not entirely accurate, there is technically no such thing as a drone licence but there is however, a necessary qualification awarded by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to regulate drone safety in commercial uses.

The CAA can issue operators with a permission for commercial operation which can be considered similar to a drone license.

As we previously stated, not everyone needs a qualification, just those that intend to use their drone for commercial purposes.

Why is Blue Whale Media Concerned with Drone Licenses?

The reason that Blue Whale Media is so concerned with drones and the qualifications required to pilot them, is our planned venture into the world of commercial drone flights.

At this current moment, our in house graphic designer Lewis is studying to become a qualified drone pilot.

Once Lewis has been appointed his operator’s qualification by the CAA, we will be offering drone footage as a service. We are more than just a web design Warrington agency, we embrace technology of all kinds and therefore cannot wait to begin offering drone tech mainstream.

Now you may be thinking ‘who is going to want drone flight footage?’.

Here are just a few examples.

What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit from Drone Flight Footage?

A few examples of businesses that can benefit from drone technology are:

  • Leisure centres, golf courses and activity centres. Drone technology would be able to give a great overview of facilities.
  • Offices, business parks and other commercial buildings. Want to show people the inside of your office? Perhaps the outside if you can be a bit hard to find? Drone footage can help you.
  • Property investors, real estate agents. Show the local area or property in full through the use of drone technology.

When it comes to drone technology, the possible applications really do not end- you are only limited by your imagination.

Drone Technology and Our Clients

One of Blue Whale’s clients- Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation offer services to prevent the misuse of drone technology. This probes that the misuse of drones and UAV technology is a very real and dangerous phenomenon.

Do not risk putting your business and reputation at risk, contact a trusted web design Warrington agency such as Blue Whale Media that can carry out drone flights on your behalf.

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If you are interested in using drone technology to benefit your business, contact Blue Whale Media today. Our team are in the process of becoming CAA certified drone pilots and can help you display your business, premises or anything else you want to promote to the public.

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