What is the difference between a web design agency and Wix?

If you Google website builders, the list would seem almost endless. With the rapidly increasing number of content management systems available online at affordable prices and in some instances for free, businesses are beginning to question the purpose of the web designer.

Content Management Systems

Although there are many benefits to creating a CMS site, due to the basic level of the sites they are only really suitable for businesses that are looking to start their online presence.

Wix is probably a name that you have heard before, mainly due to their massive video ad campaign on Youtube along with other platforms. Wix is a free platform with premium options, although this site is very easy to create within templates, full customization is not an option due to its limited nature.

It does, however, mean a lot to a business that has no online presence at all so for newcomers to the online marketing scene it can seem perfect, it is, however, a temporary solution as attempting to develop this further will only lead to problems down the line.

Web Designers

A website created by a web developer or a web designer, however, offers full customization of a site along with better SEO and a generally better functioning site.

On top of this, web designers can add a content management system on the back end of your website so that after they have created your website, you can then do anything from adding new products to your ecommerce site or replacing images with new ones.

Without the necessary knowledge, things such as SEO, plugins and other extras that can be a necessity for your site can be impossible which can really restrict your websites potential to grow your business.

Once you are there you are stuck

Another problem with Wix is that if, for example, you wished to move to WordPress for its ability to be edited fully by a designer whilst still providing the option to manage your website yourself, this cannot be done. This is due to the fact that the Wix site files and themes are not compatible with any other CMS’.

Is it cheaper in the long run?

Although in theory, CMS sites should be more affordable for businesses who are not looking to spend a lot on a website but unfortunately this can be greatly incorrect through unconventional means.

First of all, the actual creation of your site, if you are doing it yourself through Wix can be a long, frustrating and tedious process.

You may be thinking, that is fine for me, but the number of wasted man hours can add up, eventually meaning that the constant maintenance and learning that you are having to do means that the site cost starts to add up.

As well as this, adding things such as plugins can take technical knowledge that may end up meaning you have to bring in a developer regardless to fix the issues that have you stumped.


In conclusion, although Wix is cheaper and can seem attractive at the start, if you wish to progress with your online presence, you will need to eventually go to a web designer in the future for a new site. Due to this, in the long run, using a web designer will not only provide you with a high-quality website, but it will also save you more money than you would expect.

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