What Is the PHP7 Update?

Blue Whale Media is a web design agency that cares. We are contacting all of our clients that are currently subscribed to our support package and those that just host with us, to let them know about the impending PHP7 update that we plan to put onto our server come the 15th of March.

PHP7 is a server level update that will improve the performance levels of websites that use hosting on the server.

In this blog, we will explain exactly what PHP7 has to offer our support and hosting clients and the potential problems website owners may face should they choose to host with an outdated server.

What Does the PHP7 Update Offer to Websites?

PHP7 offers one of the biggest leaps in performance levels that we have ever seen from this particular software. If your web server is currently running on a previous, outdated version- you will be holding your website back from performing to its full potential.

PHP7 has the potential to improve website performance levels by up to 50%, that’s a huge performance boost and is well worth the upgrade.

PHP7 is now the official recommended PHP version for WordPress, a title awarded by the CMS itself.

Research and tests were ran in order to evaluate the performance of PHP7 in comparison to PHP 5.5.

What was found was that within 300 seconds, websites on a PHP 5.5 level server could only handles 680 hits whereas sites on a PHP 7 level server on average could max out at around 4,521 hits.

If you are an owner of a website that attracts a high volume of traffic or you wish to attract more traffic in the future, PHP 7 is an absolute must to ensure your visitor rate is never impaired.

What Happens to Websites That Are Not on an Updated Server?

Websites that are not on an updated server, potentially may experience impaired performance levels and even down time.

Luckily all websites hosting with Blue Whale Media will feel the benefit of the PHP7 update to our servers. However, those that are not paying for support will not be entitled to the Blue Whale team’s time should there be any configuration or ongoing issues with the websites post update.

Why Should You Let Blue Whale Media Support Your Website?

Blue Whale Media is more than just a web design agency, our team are WordPress experts with several years building and maintaining site in the CMS. When you pay for a Blue Whale Media support package, you are paying for far more than just someone to ring if things go wrong.

Blue Whale Media will automatically apply updates such as the PHP7 server update and keep your website running optimally at all times. Should you need our help in the event of a website emergency, we are just a phone call away.

As well as this, websites with support are entitle to an hour of the Blue Whale Media team’s time each month. This time may be to make any amendments, update products on your website or tweak the way things look.

If you need our help, we are here for you.

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