White Space – The Secret Sauce For A Stunning Website

A stunning website helps impress your visitors and make an impact. Web design Warrington agencies realise this. As a business owner, this should be your prime focus when it comes to your website.

It is important to consider those elements that make a website user friendly as well as pleasing to the look. White space is one such element that can make a world of difference to your website. Ask any web design Warrington agency and they will emphatically reply in the affirmative.

What Is White Space?

White space is the empty space between different elements of a website. Put simply, it is that area of your website where there’s no text, graphic or any other element. There’s just empty area. Also known as negative space, this part does not necessarily have to be white in colour. It can be any colour or even a pattern, as long as there’s no content. So why is white space important? Web design Warrington agencies inherently know that white space is the key to a clean, clutter free, attention-grabbing website. Here’s a look at the benefits of white space.

Better Readability

The presence of white space makes the website easy on the eyes and the content easy to read. Of course, the choice of font, font size, font colour and the background colour play an equally important.

However, white space is crucial because it helps in organising the elements of your website. For example, visualise yourself reading this article without any space between the paragraphs. You will have a hard time reading this article, and chances are likely that you will exit the page before reading what our web design Warrington team has to share. Anything that’s neat and easy to comprehend is user friendly. When white space is used the right way, even a lengthy page of text doesn’t seem overwhelming. That’s the key secret of every web design Warrington expert.

Grab Attention

You can use white space to get your visitors’ attention to the most important sections of your website. Take the Google’s search page for example. It’s a giant box of white space with the search box in the center. The moment you’re on Google’s search page, you know where to look.

And that’s the power of white space. Talk to our web design Warrington team to know how we can achieve this effect for you.

Sophisticated Elegance

White spaces convey style, sophistication and balance. You can achieve more with less. And that’s the most powerful thing about white space.

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