What is a Brand?

A brand is a name, symbol and design of a business. This is something which is made for a particular business to have its own identity and for it to stand out from the competitors. Like a fingerprint all brands should be unique and different from others around them.

What branding can say about your business

The whole branding structure can say a lot about a business and what message it’s trying to convey to its target audience. Everything from colours, Designs, name and ethics can distinguish the type of brand that you are and which customers you’re trying to attract. A well-structured and thought brand can attract customers away from your competitors and add an opportunity to create brand loyalty.

What is brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is something where someone has positive feelings towards a brand and therefore have a dedication to buy a product/service repeatedly, regardless of competitor’s actions. A great example for this is Apple who have one of the biggest customer loyalty in the world. People will continue to buy their phones and not be swayed by what competitors are doing, even if they’re producing higher quality products/services. This is because of the structure of Apples branding and how popular it is.  

Why should you get your branding done professionally?

Branding is something that we do every day at Blue Whale Media. From our own to our customers, we are always trying to make sure our customers brand stands out from their competitors. This is done through well-built websites that have the company’s brand running throughout. We believe that the branding is more than just the designs we create. It also comes down to how you portray the business in the digital marketing world. For example, what is said on social media, the words you use and how you interact with your customers. Here at Blue Whale media we cover all aspects of branding.

How poor branding can affect your business?

I believe that with branding, first impressions always count. A poor brand structure will immediately deter a potential customer and it will be unlikely that they will return. This is due to the visually rich world we live in today. A business with a good brand usually connotates that it will have good products and services. Although not always true the customer goes of what they can see before investing into you. Poor branding also creates very little brand loyalty which can be very important to a business survival and for it to thrive.

Blue Whale Media’s Branding

Here at Blue Whale Media we had a vision to create a brand that would be memorable to potential customers. We wanted to portray our business professionally with a friendly and creative side to coincide with what are services are. We wanted a brand that was unique to us and something that our clients could rely on. Even now we are still thinking of ways in which we can make the branding even better. Overall a good brand is something that is crucial for a business to grow. Whilst first impressions always count, you want impressions of your brand to last a lifetime. 

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