Why content is important for SEO and the different purposes content can have in an SEO campaign

Why Content Is Important For SEO

High-quality, readable and optimised content is the most important thing in any SEO campaign – this is indisputable. “Content is king” is true, even Google knows that your focus should always be on the content. In this blog, we will find out the core principles as to why content is important for SEO, and how content can be used for different purposes in an SEO campaign.

Before that, let’s make sure we’re on the same page! SEO-optimised content refers to website content that is:

  • Written by an expert, in their own native language.
  • Includes keywords, topical relevance and semantically-related phrases NATURALLY, in a way that helps search engines relate the content to your keywords without hurting the readability for normal users.
  • Structured with correct tags (headings, links etc) to follow standard web practices.

Content For Landing Pages

Your landing page is the first page a user visits on your website. With this in-mind, it is ideal for your landing page to rank high in search engines in order to generate more traffic. The content you use on your landing pages need to be the most high-quality content you can produce – not only will this content be used by search engines to determine your relevancy, but it will also be consumed and read by your normal users so you need to ensure your readability isn’t hurt by focusing too much on the SEO side!

The content for landing pages needs to flow nicely and clearly written by someone who is using their native language – badly translated content will float your boat in this case (or any case really..)!

Content For Internal Linking

Internal linking opportunities refer to pages or posts on your website that present a good chance to link to one of your main pages. The best example of this is a news section or blog posts for SEO on your website – you can write a blog about the industry you work in and can smartly place an internal link from your blog to your service page. This helps with SEO as you are telling search engines that your service page is related to this topic, and that the service page is an important page on your website.

Now, the quality of this content is dependent on how your company uses these blog sections. It is very common to find many companies with an SEO campaign will have a blog section strictly for the search engines: they won’t promote these blogs online and they don’t expect, or want, their users to read these blogs – in this case they’re strictly for the search engines! In this case, you still require high-quality and readable content but you can get away with more aggressive keyword tactics and exact-match anchor texts. However, in the opposite case where a blog is important for a company and they expect their users to read the blogs, your content quality should match the same quality for landing pages: quality, native and readable SEO-optimised content!

Content For Guest Posts

Right after content, backlinks are a massive factor for SEO and is at least the top 3 most important thing in any SEO campaign: and there’s no better way to get backlinks to a website than the age-old tactic of guest posts!

The quality and type of content you write for guest posts depends on two things: the voice & standard of the website you’re posting on, and how you want your own company to be perceived when other people read your guest post. Many blogs and websites will have content requirements to follow such as a minimum word count, specific topics that are allowed/disallowed etc – these things will factor into your content quality. In addition to that, you want to think about how your brand will be perceived when someone is reading the published guest post.

Creating SEO-Optimised Content

Anyone can press down on a keyboard a few times and spew some content onto a screen – after all, there are over 5 billion indexed pages on Google (and many more that aren’t indexed!) Writing content that search engines love but doesn’t destroy your readability is a hard thing to do, that’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You should seek a SEO company in order to find a reliable content writing service that can help you out with SEO-optimised content!