Why is a LinkedIn marketing strategy important?

Over the years, LinkedIn has emerged from the crowd as a vital and powerful business tool for any brand looking to invest time and effort into, according to the experts for Warrington web design. Used correctly, LinkedIn can help brands generate leads and promote their business via both social updates and business to business interactions. Having a strong LinkedIn marketing plan is an essential part of modern business strategies as it has been proven to be the most popular platform amongst business owners. A 2015 study reported that LinkedIn is the 3rd most successful platform, and our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team knows why. We’ve listed some reasons why LinkedIn marketing strategies are important below.

LinkedIn is more important for business to business interactions

Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is more important overall. A 2015 study showed that LinkedIn had surpassed Facebook as the platform of choice for business to business (B2B) interactions. Statistics also show that 41% of business to business marketers say that LinkedIn is their preferred platform to carry out business. In comparison, 21% of business to client say that LinkedIn is their preferred social media platform. It is because of these statistics that our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team think that a LinkedIn marketing strategy is absolutely vital to a company’s online success.

LinkedIn offers your brand a wider audience and increased visibility

A fully completed and well filled LinkedIn business page is a great way to ensure that your page is fully optimized and contributes to your page ranking higher on Googles search pages. Our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team suggest that to increase your chances of ranking highly, your business invests in using relevant and well-researched keywords and interlinking pages of content. If you ensure that your content is relevant and consistent and your LinkedIn page is complete and represents your brand, you will find that your business tops the search results pages.

Great for generating business leads

A number of different studies have presented evidence that traffic and business generated through LinkedIn leads to the highest conversion rate of all the social media platforms. Compared to the usual suspects, Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is the top of the pile. Although it may be underutilised by many businesses and may be subject to a few changes in the coming years, our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team think that LinkedIn will be the platform for all future business to business (B2B) lead generation.


LinkedIn is a fantastic platform that offers the best lead generation and B2B online interaction. By utilising an effective online marketing strategy, you can increase your conversion rates and evolve your business into a popular and well-known brand. Although Facebook is still the biggest social media platform overall, for a more specialised approach and bespoke feeling, LinkedIn can offer your business much more. For more information or advice from our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team, please visit our website.

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