Why Is Drone Footage The Future?

If you keep an eye on technology news, you will have noticed the increased interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – or drones, as they’re commonly known. Barely a week goes by when we don’t hear about them in one way or another – notably, Amazon hopes to use them for delivering products at some point in the future. 

A quick look at statistics shows that drones are growing in sales, as consumers and businesses recognise their potential.  An estimated 10 million drones will be sold globally this year, according to the private research company Business Insider Intelligence. That’s an impressive rise, considering that the annual figure in 2014 was three million.

This blog from Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency, explains why they’re becoming more popular. And describes how Blue Whale Media can now offer high tech drone footage filming to promote your business.  

Drones With Cameras

A drone with a camera attached to it can capture beautiful aerial footage. Who doesn’t love the vicarious feeling of flying through the air? That’s why our Warrington web design agency has invested in a drone, which comes with a high-resolution camera.

Our in-house graphic designer Lewis is training to become a fully qualified drone pilot. He’s studying for the qualification from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) so he can fly a drone safely for commercial purposes. Among other things, he’s learning how to operate the remote control, which is similar to the kind you’d use for a model aeroplane. Obviously, it’s an important certificate, because you can’t take to the skies without knowing what you’re doing. 

Cheaper Than Helicopters

But why is this kind of filming taking off (please forgive the pun)? In essence, it’s because it’s replacing footage that would have only been achievable with a helicopter. And naturally, a drone is much cheaper, and easier to fly, than a cumbersome helicopter. And arguably drones are much better for the following reasons…  

  • They can fly low to the ground.
  • They’re small, so they can fly indoors, as well as outdoors.
  • They’re very quiet. You don’t hear them buzzing away until they’re about 15 feet away from you.
  • They’re very good at holding their altitude, thanks to clever GPS tracking, and they can maintain their position in the air, even in strong winds.
  • New tools are being developed all the time for drones. So we’re likely to see advances that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

What Our Web Design Warrington Agency Can Do

In light of all these advantages, we’re embracing the new technology and we can offer drone footage of your premises at competitive rates. The filming is suitable for hotels, golf courses, car lots or activity centres – or any business that would like to show off its amazing environment. And of course, once you have the footage, it looks brilliant on your website.

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