Comparison of the best eCommerce platforms: WooCommerce and Magento

Currently, online shopping has become a very popular and convenient way of purchasing products or services and continues to grow as time goes by. As a result, most businesses have developed their respective online stores alongside relevant marketing strategies to take advantage of the online market to increase sales. However, according to eCommerce Web Design Warrington, the success of the store is also partly dependent on the eCommerce platform which is chosen for the development of the online shop.

Various eCommerce platforms to choose from

There are various platforms i.e. Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. which Web Design Warrington disclosed have various strengths and weaknesses that businesses need to consider before their adoption. WooCommerce and Magento, for instance, are both open source ecommerce platforms, have various additional extensions for improved functionality, make it easy for businesses to create their online stores, etc. but have unique differences which include;

Differences between Magento and WooCommerce

Their ease of use- most business persons are not experts as far as programming and web development is concerned, they, therefore, need a platform that they can easily navigate or otherwise hire experts from relevant organizations like Blue Whale Media. Magento comes with a lot of built-in features and a relatively advanced process of setting up which has proven complicated for beginners. It is hard for new users to install with the developer-centric installer language which it uses that may lead to the leaving out of important settings. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is easier to install, many hosting providers will install it for you automatically and it has a setup wizard that will guide you through the setup process. There is as well a lot of help after installation which Web Design Warrington believes will enable you to focus on running and improving the business rather than operating the software.

Payment procedures as an online store

Payment procedures- as an online store
It is expected that you will receive payment for various products or services online. There are various options that businesses can choose from which may come with the eCommerce platform by default or added as extensions. Magento by default has PayPal, bank transfers, and cash on delivery alongside various extensions. WooCommerce on the other hand by default has Stripe and PayPal payments only by default but Web Design Warrington finds it superior considering it supports all the other major payment methods and many other more even those that are less popular methods.

Integration with extensions and plugins

Extensions such as plugins are software that offers additional functionality to eCommerce platforms that were not present by default. There is a community of developers that Magento enjoys who have developed free extensions and others that have to be paid for to use. As of July 2018, Magento had a total of about 3,751 extensions which are likely to have increased by now. WooCommerce, being a platform that runs on WordPress, enjoys over 55,000 plugins with a significant number of which are free. eCommerce Web Design Warrington is confident that there is a plugin available for almost every function imaginable which means you can connect the platform to various third party services.

Website scaling of the online store

As the business grows, you will be required to grow its capacity to effectively meet your demands. Web Design Warrington trusts that Magento was designed to be a robust platform, therefore, the cost and other technical challenges will rise significantly making it easier to switch to paid plans if the business can afford the cost. Woocommerce, even though it faces similar technical challenges when scaling, has many options that can alternatively be adopted which are relatively cheaper. Hiring a WordPress expert to scale your WooCommerce platform will as well be cheaper compared to getting one for Magento for the same services.

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