WordPress 4.4. New features

One of the most awaited developments in website management systems just took place and the web design Warrington team are excited! WordPress 4.4 was released making it the last major WordPress release for the year 2015. No wonder, its many new features and the new default theme met with an overwhelming response from old and new users. Whether you are upgrading your old website or building one from scratch, your web design Warrington agency should set up WordPress 4.4. Here’s what you can look forward to from the latest version of WordPress.

Get Responsive Images Out Of The Box

Are you constantly worried that your website won’t display properly on devices such as mobile phones or iPads? Now, you need worry no more because WordPress 4.4 brings you responsive images out of the box.

When your web design Warrington team incorporates the new WordPress, what you get to see is the right image size on any and every device. The images are synchronised with the user’s browser or screen size and displayed optimally based on the device capabilities. WordPress achieves this by using the ‘srcset’ attribute in ‘img’ HTML tag.

Your WordPress Site Is Now An OEmbed Provider

It is a matter of pride for you to have established your brand in the market. You are now ahead of your competitors because your customers know you better, thanks to the professional branding.

 The All New Twenty Sixteen Look

From the default Twenty Ten theme in the WordPress 3.0 version in 2010, WordPress has come a long way in enhancing website performances the world over. 2015 sees WordPress 4.4 in its new default Twenty Sixteen avatar. Using a mobile first approach, the new feature makes your website responsive to all screen sizes and devices.

The original sidebar layout has been retained from the old WordPress versions but now you can also do away with it if you want full-width pages. Moreover, now you have a choice of colour schemes besides using your own colour themes to customize your website for optimum viewing.

Enhanced Features For Developers Too

The new WordPress 4.4 includes improved plug-ins and features that developers will find exciting. This enables your web design Warrington service provider to handle multi-sites in a better way and fix bugs with ease.

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