Why Should You Use WP ALL IN ONE Plugin?

A WP ALL IN ONE plug-in comprises of premium extensions and is used to transport entire websites to a new server or domain name. It handles the transportation of all files, databases, plug-ins and themes without requiring any technical know-how. To upload your website to a different location, just use a drag and drop into WordPress method. You can also seek help from web designers Warrington.

Smooth Migration

You desire to make the migration process as easy as possible and eliminate all complications. A WP ALL IN ONE plug-in comprises of an option that allows the use of unlimited replace and find procedures on your database during the migration process. This plug-in also fixes any serialization hitches that might occur during the replace and find procedures with web designers Warrington. A WP ALL IN ONE plugin is the only one that is compatible with mobile devices on Word Press versions 3.3 and up.

No Limitations on Operating Systems or Host

This plug-in is tested on major operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux distributions and MacOS. Numerous compatibility and account tests are conducted on the following hosts before their official release: Hosting, Justhost, Linode, Pagely, Pantheon, Shifter, AWS, Bluehost, Digital Ocean, Dream host, Name Hero, Go Daddy and In Motion among others.

No Restrictions to Upload Size

A WP ALL IN ONE plugin packages your data into 2 MB chunks to ease the migration process. Most host providers set their file upload size at 2MB, a feature that enables this plug-in to skip all webserver restrictions thus easing the upload process.

Zero Dependencies and Support for MySQL

This plug-in does not require PHP extensions and works well with all PHP versions from v 5.2 onwards. This is hugely beneficial for PHP v 5.2 users who are primarily unsupported by other product variations. WP ALL IN ONE plug-in supports all types of MYSQL and MYSQLI that your web server uses to transport your databases.

Compatible with Word Press V3.3 And Up

This plug-in has comprehensive testing and quality assurance process that ensures that it is compatible with the latest releases of Word Press v 3.3. However, it does not support WordPress versions prior to Word Press version 3.3 (2012). You can get professional assistance from web designers Warrington to help you understand better.

Unlimited Extension of WP-CLI Integration

WP ALL IN ONE plugin migration consists of an unlimited extension of WP- CLI integration that enables you to carry out migrations from the command line. It also adds the restore and backs up commands which are run from the CLI.

Migrate Word Press to Cloud Storage Services

WP ALL IN ONE plugin migration comprises of Multisite and Cloud storage features that include premium support and unlimited extension services free of charge. All premium products come along with premium support channels ready to assist with complex requirements. Some of the new premium extensions include Spaces, Back blaze B2, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Storage, Amazon Glacier, pCloud, WebDAVS3 Client, File, Unlimited, Dropbox, Multisite, FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, URL, One Drive, Box, Mega and Digital Ocean. Community versions come with a set of instructions easy to implement without any technical knowledge but you may need web designers Warrington if you find them a bit complicated.

Privacy Policy

ALL-IN-ONE WP Migration is open source software whose developers seek your consent to gather requesters email addresses when filling out a plug-ins contact form. Web designers Warrington are available to guide you in every step.

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