How the Wrong Website Design can Affect Your Website’s Performance on Google

A great website design can do wonders for your company’s marketing strategy. A great website brings you the traffic and helps to convert visitors into customers. However, the wrong website design can badly affect your company’s reputation. If a website is not designed properly, you may not be able to reach out to your target audience. Here’s what the website design Warrington team believe you must watch out for.


Good content is definitely a must-have for your website. Headers play an important role in making sure that people coming to your website know exactly what your business is about. Headers tell them what to expect. If the header is interesting, people will stop to read further.

Keywords – Handpicked By The Website Design Warrington Team

There is a reason why your website design Warrington must incorporate your target keywords in your website copy. Keywords help bring your target audience to your website.

When someone searches for information on Google, they use keywords. You must optimise your website including the headers, the copy, the title tags, and other meta tags for your target keywords.

The keyword density must also be right. Too low density and the search engines may not count you as relevant. Too much iteration of the keyword, and your website may seem spammy.


If you thought images are the only thing to make your website attractive, think again. Images can take more time to download. This slows down the website a great deal. Everyone likes websites that load faster, and are easy to navigate.

If you must include images, there are some important points to keep in mind. The website must contain only as many images as absolutely necessary. Do not try to cram too many images on a web page.

Images must be appropriate and proportionate in size. Also, you need to ensure that the picture resolution and clarity are not affected when downloading on different devices. No one likes to see distorted images.

Website Responsiveness

If you design your website only for people’s desktops, you are not taking your marketing strategy very seriously. In fact, today’s generation of people is hooked to smart phones and tablets. Your website design Warrington must deliver a fully responsive website.

Clean Code

It is not enough if you only concentrate on making your website look pretty. Search engines are concerned with your website’s coding too. If you want search engines to be able to crawl your website, ask your website design Warrington to ensure the code is clean. So contact the team at Blue Whale Media today and get your website started on 01925 552050! 

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