YouTube Releases YouTube Stories for Popular Creators Only

It started with Snap Chat, then Facebook and LinkedIn and finally Facebook followed suit. Facebook has announced that it is launching “YouTube stories” as the next generation social media sharing platform.

Initially, Snapchat used stories by having slides of pictures mixed with videos. The rest of the social media world has copied this, and no social media company including YouTube wants to be left behind. Facebook copied and introduced the Stories option to a more large audience on Instagram. Web Designers Warrington realizes the importance of stories.

Stories are changing how users are sharing and consuming content in the social media space. For businesses that rely on social media to promote their brand, products and services, this has presented an opportunity for marketing.

Stories present a mix of several items like pictures, graphics and videos. It’s more interactive and unlike the traditional newsfeed which was lacking in flexibility and only promoted simple texts and images.

YouTube Stories

YouTube has given in to the pressure from its peers to develop YouTube stories. It will not differ much from the stories already available YouTube. But it will be more productive in content and engagement levels. Web Designers Warrington has a large following.

There will be a new stories bar at the topmost of YouTube App. It will be used to broadcast stories from the originators that you follow.

YouTube stories will last for one week. It’s much better than the previous version that only lasted for 24 hours, mainly because there is a provision that is not available in other stories apps.

Top Creators

At release, it will be available to its top creators with a following of over 10,000 subscribers. Therefore, it will not be available to all YouTube Subscribers.

Should it gain popularities, this is bound to change, and YouTube could take more steps in availing the product to more users. It’s important for creators to increase their presence in YouTube for them to be eligible.

YouTube started testing YouTube Stories one year ago. Therefore it’s not giving in to pressure from other platforms, YouTube does not like rushing into projects, and therefore it will use the same approach while launching the new feature.

Currently, YouTube has a favourite video feature, and the new addition makes some sense. In the social media Arena, stories are becoming a popular sharing option, and millions of users are using it in Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger and Instagram. Web Designers Warrington is among the top creators.

The platform though not used by everyone is becoming popular, and at the same time, it’s promoting sharing habits among social media users.

The popularity of Stories Option

More users are adopting the sharing of stories option for example in Facebook, its appearing in its news feed. The same case applies to snap chat and LinkedIn. It may seem like a cheap strategy. However, any serious social media company should not ignore it.

In future, you might find other social media giants like Twitter and Pinterest having the stories options too. Web Designers Warrington will follow suit.


As we approach 2019, any company whether new or existing should use stories as part of its digital marketing strategy in promoting content.

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