More than 85% of Websites Indexed in Google are Mobile Friendly. What about Yours?

A while ago, the phrase “Mobilegeddon” became quite the buzz. It referred to the fact that Google will begin penalising websites that were not mobile friendly. Our website design Liverpool team make sure your website is mobile friendly!

The Mobilegeddon Effect

Google took measures to make sure people too this seriously. For instance, it would display a “mobile friendly” tag when you searched on your mobile phone, to let you know whether the website you want to visit is mobile friendly or not.

After all, Google was serious. This measure was a part of their continuous efforts of offering users the best experience. Today, while many websites are mobile friendly, many websites still are not mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendliness is a Ranking Factor Even Today

Of course, even today Google considers mobile friendliness as an important factor when ranking websites. Today, though, the “mobile friendly” tag no longer show up in mobile searches. That’s because, more than 85% of websites are mobile friendly.

What About Your Website?

Do you know if your website is mobile friendly?

It’s pretty easy to check that. Simply use Google’s mobile friendly tool to determine whether your website is mobile friendly. Alternatively, talk to a website design Liverpool agency for a free website audit.

My Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly, So What?

You feel your website looks fine on a mobile phone, so what’s the big fuss?

Well, a tiny version of your website is one thing, and a mobile friendly website is another. Sure, your website loads up, but the small text will be difficult to read. Your visitors may have to zoom in on the screen to read the content. That’s an experience your visitors will not appreciate.

Change is Easy with Blue Whale Media

If your website is not mobile friendly, get in touch with Blue Whale Media today. Our website design Liverpool team will have your mobile friendly website up and running in no time.

Contact us on 01925 552050 now for a free website audit and consultation.

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