Blue Whale Media's list of best WordPress themes for Accountant websites

Best WordPress Themes for Accountants

Are you a professional number cruncher? Accountants might think they don’t need to invest in a website for their business, but they are wrong. A website can help you gain exposure and brand awareness in the market, and it gives you an automated system for collecting and qualifying new leads that need your services.

The theme is the client-facing part of your site. It’s the first thing your users will notice when landing on your site, and it plays a huge role in whether the prospect decides to use your services or check out the competition.

You need a fast, efficient, and attractive theme aligned with your branding to make the best impression on visitors. If you fail to make a good first impression, your prospective clients may decide to see what your competitor has to offer instead.

So, it’s critical for accounting firms to use a theme providing a professional, clean look while focusing on the theme’s functionality and its templates. Many users think that just because they get a minimalist, professional-looking template, the theme lacks features and functionality – but that’s not the case.

Purpose-built accounting templates offer you all the same functionality and features of other themes but with a look designed specifically for promoting accounting companies.

However, with the hundreds of free and paid themes available, which one is the right choice for your business? The web designers from Blue Whale Media have put together this list of the best WordPress themes for accountants to make your decision easy. Let’s take a look at the top-rated themes for your accounting business.

1. Finano

The Finano Wordpress theme is ideal for accountants and is one of the top-rated choices in this review. With Finano, you get a library of pre-designed site demos, and you’re sure to find one that suits the unique brand values of your accounting business.

This theme is one of the newer releases available for WordPress. Since it’s a modern design, it comes with all the features you would expect from the latest themes. The homepage designs are high-quality, and pages for adding your portfolio to showcase your past projects.

There are templates available for adding your team to the site and a blogging module included. You get integrated support for adding contact forms and a payment collection system for accepting client fees through the site.

Finano also features a handy one-click installation, making it ideal for beginners building their first site. The one-click importer tool simplifies adding content to your site, and the WPBakery Page Builder gives you a drag-and-drop interface for adding content.

While it’s a premium theme for WordPress, Finano offers you excellent value for money, and it comes with full developer support. That’s a crucial component for new users building their first site. The on-call support reduces the effort and frustration required for creating a fully-functional website.

2. Intime

Intime is a business-focused WordPress theme which comes with more than ten stylish site demos and 30 web design templates. There’s no need to create a new page design when adding content to the website. You have the services, about us, and contact templates ready to go with Intime, allowing for easy addition of pages without the need for coding experience.

You get pages for team members’ profiles and portfolio pages to display the results of past projects. Thanks to the blogging module, you can keep your audience coming back to your site for authoritative content. There are plenty of options for integrating modules to your web pages, with testimonial carousels, pricing tables, and client logo panels included.

Customize the design elements on your pages with support from the Elementor page builder plugin to give your business a consistent look with your brand image and values. You also have features like integrated contact forms and Google Maps, ensuring you get a visually pleasing and functional website for your accountancy.

Intime is another premium theme, but it’s on the more affordable side of the scale and ideal for businesses with a limited development budget. We feel you get value for money with Intime, and the functionality and features of this theme make it a top-rated buy for your business.

3. Accounting

As the name suggests, the Accounting theme is a great choice for any accounting business with a WordPress website. You get a responsive theme that allows access for any device. The interface consumes the entire browser space, providing visitors with an immersive visual experience.

The sober and subtle look of the accounting theme oozes professionalism, and you get straightforward navigation of your site for your users. The one-click installer makes setup simple for first-time users, and you can easily add your content for a unique look.

The Accounting theme comes with the WPBakery drag-and-drop plugin for building pages without any coding experience. Customize your website templates to your unique branding requirements with a few clicks. This theme’s clean and professional look makes it a great choice for accounting firms looking to present a market-leading image.

While Accounting is a premium theme, it presents one of the best choices for your business. The dedicated configuration and theme demo make it a top choice for your business.

4. Finanza

The Finanze theme is ideal for any financial services business, including accountants. The theme comes with a default layout for the homepage, offering your users plenty of functionality and features.

We like the custom options control panel and the drag-and-drop page builder, allowing for the personalization of your website, with no need for coding experience.

The theme has a professional look and comes with a wide selection of page layouts to suit any setup. Yu get modules for contact and about us pages for your team profiles, optional pages for career opportunities, honors and awards, and custom landing pages.

Finanza is a premium theme, but it also resides on the affordable range of top-rated WordPress themes available for your accounting website.

5. Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur theme is another great choice for your accounting business website. You get several pre-configured template modes and the option to choose a website template specifically built with accountants in-mind. A simple click is all it takes to install the theme to the WordPress CMS, offering excellent user-friendly installation and setup for first-time users.

You have options for the custom configuration of your theme templates to suit your branding. Add features like booking buttons for consultations, add client testimonials, and pricing tables outlining your services and the costs involved.

The functionality and interface of this accounting theme are fantastic. You get a dedicated page builder tool and an options panel allowing you to make custom templates in minutes. It’s a user-friendly theme that carries plenty of punching power for your website.

While Entrepreneur is a premium theme, you get a booking form plugin included for free with your purchase.

6. Avantage

Avantage is another WordPress theme accounting companies need to consider when choosing the right look for their website. The highly customizable template demo provided with the Avantage package allows you to create a unique website that’s unlike anything your competitors have on offer.

Avantage comes with a dedicated accounting demo featuring a modern look. You get a large full-width header image for displaying eye-catching visual content to your visitors. There are options to add call-to-action buttons on your web pages, increasing your conversion rate for appointment requests and newsletter signups.

Boost your consultancy bookings thanks to the integrated conversion tools, and the default homepage layout for accounting businesses includes elements that help you promote your business. You have options for adding service page templates, team profiles, and testimonials sliders for providing social proof of your services to your visitors.

Avantage features a cost calculator tool widget for your site, allowing your visitors to perform calculations on a range of services, and you get a page-builder tool for carrying out your page customizations, with no need for coding experience.

The purpose-built accountant theme is our top choice in the package, but several others offer plenty of functionality and features for accounting businesses. Avantage is a premium theme, but you get free developer support and free updates included with your purchase.

7. Ippsum

The Ippsum theme comes with ten demos offering you a high-quality template design for your accounting business. The scrolling design of the homepage template provides you space for a large header image, a contact form for attracting new clients, and interactive grids displaying key info about your business.

The ready-made templates include options for sharing your client feedback and testimonials, publishing pricing tables, and uploading your relevant case studies. The theme comes with a timeline template showing your company history, making it ideal for companies with long track records.

The theme includes a cost calculator feature, allowing your prospects and clients to calculate costs without calling you to waste your time. The Ippsum theme also comes with an innovative time-limitation feature on content, allowing you to control how much time you allocate to the viewing of certain content on your site; it’s a fantastic tool for running promotional campaigns.

You get compatibility with the Elementor web page builder plugin, allowing for the drag-and-drop customization of your templates to your branding. Best of all, Ippsum is available for free download, making it great for businesses with a low web design budget.

8. Enfold

Enfold is a popular multipurpose theme that offers you plenty of configuration options to suit your needs. You get options for more than ten pre-built template configurations featuring design functions purpose-built for financial consulting and accounting companies.

The accounting-focused themes offer you a large welcome banner on your site displaying an image to capture clients’ attention when they land on the homepage. Under the banner, you get a description of your key services and space for highlighting the benefits of working with your accountants.

There are modules for adding client testimonials for social proof. There’s a drag-and-drop page builder included allowing for easy customization of your templates, with no coding experience required. Enfold is a premium theme, and while it may lack the functionality and features of the Accounting theme, it’s a solid choice considering its price point.

9. Corzo

Corzo brings you another theme purpose-built for financial services and accounting companies. You get a library of pre-designed website configurations, and you’re sure to find a demo that offers what you need for your professional accounting website.

Corzo offers a balanced platform suitable for first-time users and developers. However, we feel you need a developer working with you if you want to maximize the full potential of Corzo. There’s a wide selection of templates, including modules for stylish contact forms and team profiles. You also get contact forms about us and dedicated service pages for your site.

There are several versions of each template, allowing you to choose the right option when adding content to your website. The theme comes with a dedicated page builder tool, “GoodLayers,” allowing you to customize your pages to perfection.

Corzo is another premium WordPress theme, but you get outstanding unique features like reusable elements and block sync, making simple work of keeping your site up to date.

10. Wiz

With the Wiz theme, you get 12 demo templates to choose from for your accounting site. There’s an easy one-click installation of the theme, with no need for coding experience. The dedicated demos cover a range of niche categories, including a dedicated accounting demo.

The accounting demo comes with a large content slider for the homepage, a responsive menu with user-friendly navigation, and animated page elements. It’s easy to match the site configuration and design theme to your business’s unique branding, and there’s a blog module included with the package.

The Wiz theme comes with features for your accounting website, providing an immersive UX that makes your business website stand out from the competition. We love the innovative color-scheming tool, and you get several options for widget locations on each template.

There’s compatibility with Elementor page builder, a blogging module, and support for many handy plugins. Overall, Wiz brings you a premium theme with plenty of functionality and great value for money. It comes with full developer support and automatic updates included with your purchase.

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