Christmas Marketing Preparation at Blue Whale Media

Preparing For Christmas Marketing at Blue Whale Media

It’s that time of the year again when all marketing companies turn to Christmas. Most of our office is used to Christmas in August now, but many still find it crazy how early companies prepare for the Christmas Period. 

I suppose the big question is, why does Christmas matter so much? I think there are many answers to this question. For most, and in the most part, it represents a happy time of the year, when most people will take extra time and make an extra effort to spend time with loved ones. This in reality, is just something most of us don’t do enough of in the modern world that we all live in, so this time we give ourselves and time of year brings happy memories for most.

With this in mind, most people will spend extra money to try and make it the most perfect Christmas possible for our loved ones and us. This is why companies invest soo much time, money and effort trying to capitalise on profits at this time of year.  

What do our marketing Campaigns include at Christmas?

With the launch of our Video team this year, we are focusing a lot of effort on our video services. We have expanded our regular Christmas video schedule to include much more this year. We will be doing the following videos.

Staff Events Video

Christmas, whilst being a hectic time of year for all marketing companies and us not having much spare time, Blue Whale Media have always made it a special time of year in the office. We invest in taking the staff on many team-building events, from Ice Skating to Chill Factor snow tubing, to bring the season in with a bang and making our unconventional extended office family closer.

Company Corporate Video

Unfortunately, mid-way through the filming of our Corporate Christmas Video last December, we were broken into and had all the equipment stolen. This brought a sharp halt to filming, and whilst we were back on our feet and working again within a week, we had just lost too much time and couldn’t complete the video. But this year it’s being brought back to life and whilst some elements have been updated, we will be launching the planned video on 1st December across all our social platforms and channels. Keep a look out!

Charity Video

Another focus that Blue Whale Media Ltd has had since opening 11 plus years ago, is our charity work. Christmas, whilst being fantastic for most people, can highlight a level of struggling and depravity on a vast scale. We have always taken part in Operation Christmas Child, and all staff members create boxes to send. In addition to this, in recent years we have also donated a food hamper to the local elderly persons’ residential home close to us and a saviour hamper to a homeless charity that help the homeless with essential winter needs, like coats, gloves etc. This is just a little recognition by Blue Whale Media and our team that this season can be a real struggle for some.

End-of-year video

In what’s become a yearly tradition for Blue Whale Media Ltd, we will also be creating our end-of-year video, which will be complete with all the events, charity work, awards, staff accomplishments and much more that the team have achieved in 2022. This will also be our thank you to all the amazing customers that have worked with us in 2022 and will continue to work with well into 2023.

Social Media Campaigns

Coming to you for the sixth consecutive year, we will be launching our 12 days of Christmas on Facebook. This is just a little something we do every year to engage with our followers and provide a little Christmas cheer. The competitions are completely free to enter and this year’s prizes have already been chosen! Sign up to our newsletter now to make sure you don’t miss the launch.

Our Social channels will also feature lots of Christmas content, from the team’s top Christmas recipes to our very own hot chocolate station. Make sure you’re following our Facebook and Instagram pages to see all the action coming to you straight from the Blue Whale Media office!

Email Campaigns

We issue a few types of email campaigns throughout the festive season. We have a monthly support newsletter which goes out to all our support clients. This will soon take a festive turn with our suggestions and offers to help customers make their website or marketing campaigns festive. 

We will also be launching our 12 days of Christmas competitions via our newsletters so be the first to see the prizes and daily launch times by signing up to the newsletter now! 

Lastly, we will be issuing need-to-know information to all our clients about Blue Whale Media’s opening hours. Like most other companies, we do operate a Christmas shutdown to ensure our staff can spend quality time with their families over the festive period.

Blog Campaigns

If you’re reading this, you will know that the blogging campaign has clearly started because you’re reading one! We will feature lots of different types of blogs from the events that we are doing, tip to Christmasify your website, Christmas marketing campaign tips and much more. These can all be found on our library or elsewhere on the website.

The Company Christmas Cards

Spoiler alert!!!!! We have already designed and printed this! It’s even getting signed by the whole team next week! I worked hand in hand with Jessica, one of our talented graphic designers, to create the bespoke card this year; we love how it turned out. We have incorporated everything from our new Tangerine Twist colour to the traditional gold! But if you want to see it you need to be a customer so sign up now before they get sent out on 1st December!

Thank you

So this is the part in the blog where I reflect on 2022, and whilst we are only in September, so much has happened in 2022. It’s been full of ups and downs for the company and myself personally. But I’m really thankful for the rollercoaster ride that 2022 has been regardless, and I only hope the last three months are busy, happy and challenging! From me personally, I wish you all a very happy Christmas season and hope you enjoy it!

Thank you,

Stephanie Sweeney, Operations Director, Blue Whale Media Ltd.