Essential Website Development Documents

Website design is complex. Even a small business website calls for a lot of planning. You need answers from a Warrington web design team, for some basic questions like:

  • Where will the website be hosted?
  • What pages will the navigation menu take the user to?
  • What programming language will be used?
  • What special features are required for the website?

The higher the complexity of design, the more the planning required. Web design experts call it “discovery” or “definition”. During this initial planning stage, your Warrington web design team will prepare a bunch of documents to define the website structure and identify essential creative and technical requirements.

Here, we share a list of “definition documents” that your Warrington web design agency will prepare after discussing a client’s project. They may prepare one or more or all of these documents depending on the complexity of your website.


A sitemap gives a glimpse of the website’s structure. A standard sitemap template contains a bunch of boxes that are linked by arrows that identify the hierarchy and relationship. The top level boxes contain the main menu and below those are the sub sections. A sitemap provides your Warrington web design team an overview of the complete website.

Branding Guidelines

This document helps the design team in correctly representing the client’s brand. It may include details about the colour scheme, font, graphics, logo etc. The Warrington web design agency will rely on this document to provide a direction for the visual design of your website.

Technical Brief

Prepared by the technical project manager, this document lists the hardware requisites like hosting, server type, database structure, framework, and third party applications and plugins.

Creative Brief

The creative director at the Warrington web design agency will prepare this document after a meeting with the client. This contains details from the meeting such as the target audience, the purpose of the website, and other such information.

Project Estimate – Let The Warrington Web design Team Help You

The Blue Whale team will provide a rough estimate before the discovery stage. However, this estimate could change based on the detailed understanding during the discovery stage.

If during the discovery phase, the design team discovers that the website design will take more hours than estimated earlier, they will present you with a more accurate estimate.

This is but a glimpse of the various documents a web design team creates. There are many more documents your Warrington web design agency may create based on the project and the task at hand.

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