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Do I Need a Responsive Website? The Web Design Warrington Team Answers

A decade ago, if you’d asked our web design Warrington team whether mobile marketing is of any importance, the answer may or may not have been clear. The answer to that question in today’s times is a resounding YES. 

As this ComScore research suggests, the number of users relying on their mobile devices to consume online content and do everything else is only on the rise. So businesses cannot ignore mobile marketing.

The very first step to take in this direction is to have a responsive website.

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive web design makes the content on your website adapt to the device size. Smartphones have much smaller screens than a desktop. Instead of fitting the entire page in the screen size, a responsive website will adapt to the size of the screen to display the content without affecting the experience. A competent web design Warrington agency can help you make the most of responsive web design.

Here are 3 questions to answer to help determine whether you need a responsive website.

Do you have a separate mobile version?

You are essentially doing the same thing twice, once for your desktop version and again for the mobile version. You are wasting precious time that you could have spent on other core functions of your business.

Do you have to pinch zoom to view your website?

Simply look your website up on your mobile phone. Do you have to pinch your screen to zoom in and read the content? How do you find the experience? Think about your visitors now. What kind of an impression would such experience have on them? Are they going to be frustrated? Will this have an impact on your conversion rates?

Do you have a number of visitors from mobile devices?

Of every 100 visitors, are 10 coming from mobile? You can find this data on your website analytics tool such as Google Analytics. This will help you determine the percentage of visitors from mobile devices.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it’s time to hire a web design Warrington team to design a responsive website for you.

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