How to Prepare For Your Website’s Design?

At Blue Whale Media, our aim is to deliver websites that our clients will totally love. We want to make sure our customers are happy with the end product. And we love to exceed our clients’ expectations.

The very thought of creating a website can seem very daunting. We don’t want our clients to feel anxious about the design stage. We want our customers to enjoy every step of the design process. A crucial step in the design process is preparing for the website even before anything is designed.

Questions to Help Prepare for Your Website Desig

Here are some questions that help our Warrington web design team and our customers in the design process. What is the goal of your website? Who are your target customers? What is the action you want your visitors to take after they land up on your website?

What is the colour scheme you want used on your website? If you already have a logo, do you want your website design to reflect those colours? Would you like to go for your favourite colours?

What pages do you want to link to in the navigation? Is there any photo or image you would like us to use in the website? If not, what kind of images would you like used on the website? Is the content for your website ready? Would you like our content writing team to take care of it for you? Do you have any social media presence? If so, please share the links to the profiles you’d like to link to from your website? Do you have a list of websites you like?

Time to Get Started

Once you have answers to these questions and any other relevant ones that you may think of, you are ready to kick start the web design process. Our Warrington web design team would be happy to discuss your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your web design project.

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