Redesigning a Website on a Budget

Just like clothes, hair styles and interior design, web designs also go through trends. What was cutting edge a few years ago is outdated in today’s time (for example, Flash). Sure, a web design Manchester agency can replace your old site with a completely new design. However, this may not be necessary always.

So how do you redesign your website within a budget?

Re-skin Your Old Site

Re-skin is a perfect solution when you are on a tight budget. What does this involve? Essentially, everything that’s not visible (behind-the-scenes) remains the same. Only the visual aspects of your website are tinkered with slightly.

Your web design Manchester agency may add some graphics and might update the style. Think of it as a repainting task where you simply add a coat of paint to your walls to transform your house.

But then, re-skins aren’t feasible in every situation. It’s the best solution in cases where a re-skin can save you a considerable sum of money while helping you achieve a similar result as a complete redesign.

Start On Content

Many business owners assume that they can take care of everything without asking for professional help. Be realistic and practical. Estimate how much time it will take for you to create your own content without hiring professional writers.

Start early. Content is the first thing your web design Manchester agency will ask for. So create a content calendar and work on it well before your web design project kick-starts.

If you don’t think you can find the time to writeee the content yourself, your web design Manchester agency can help. Ask them to take care of your content and you will have your website and content created in the scheduled time thereby helping you save precious time and money.

If you have a lot of content to create, you could ask for a bulk discount too.

Be Clear

Like with everything, time is of the essence for web designers. So be sure to have clarity about what you need and you can get a custom website at a really good price. The more the edits your request for and the more time you take taking simple decisions, the costlier your web design project will become.

Choose a Boutique Web Design Manchester Agency

In cases where a re-skin is not cost effective or appropriate, a complete re-design is the best bet. But don’t lose heart. It’s possible to redesign your website without breaking the bank.

Pick a boutique web design Manchester agency specialising in building websites for small businesses. Such agencies have a small team and focus on building cost-effective websites.

At Blue Whale Media, we specialise in building affordable websites that are stunning, functional and highly efficient.

Get a 2-page website for as little as £99 + VAT, a 4-page website for £295 + VAT and an 8-page website for £495 + VAT. These are some of the most competitive prices you will find for mobile responsive, SEO-optimised and cleanly coded websites.

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