Redesigning Your Website? Choose WordPress & A Web Design Warrington Agency

Summary: WordPress offers a simple alternative to complicated websites. With a lean learning curve and valuable benefits, WordPress can become an indispensable online partner for your business.

If you are planning to redesign your website, you’ll obviously be focusing on making things better and easier. Enter WordPress, a platform designed to meet all your website needs. In fact, WordPress often goes beyond user expectations with its range of functionality and scalability. Many professional web design Warrington specialists vouch for WordPress’ capability in creating an efficient and easily-manageable website.

Need to know why you should consider a website redesign in WordPress? These benefits could convince you:

WordPress Is Free

You can download and install WordPress for free. The only payments you need to make are for hosting your website and getting a business domain.

WordPress is an open source system, which means you get software updates and enhancements for free.

Some software updates, such as security updates, are crucial to maintain the integrity of your website. Getting such updates for free can bring in valuable cost benefits.

WordPress Is Time-Tested

It’s been more than a decade since WordPress made its entry. The Content Management System (CMS) has been refined over time with many features. These features can help you build a website packed with all desired functionalities.

WordPress is being used by multitudinous businesses worldwide including Forbes, Mashable, and Samsung, to name a few, for their website and blogging needs.

It Is Easy To Work With WordPress

Managing a WordPress website is super-easy. While a web design Warrington expert can help you with the basics, you can install and manage it on your own too.

There are built-in themes you can select from depending on your website’s aesthetic needs. You can purchase themes and use them on your WordPress website.

WordPress gives you a range of website functionalities with plugins. There are free and pay-for plugins that can help you add utilities such as visitor forms, sitemap generators, and music player. You can even set up a complete e-commerce website using WordPress.

Adding and updating content is equally easy. A simple, easily-understandable interface helps you add content as and when required without the help of any programming expertise.

WordPress Facilitates SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The higher the visibility of your website on search engines, the higher the chances that you reach your audience. With WordPress, you can install SEO plugins that make your website more search engine friendly.

WordPress Is Mobile-Compatible

With increase in the number of mobile users, you may want to take your business website to your tablet or smartphone users. You can use responsive themes for your WordPress website, which means your website will adapt to the device of the user.

WordPress Is Continuously Evolving

As your business grows, you’ll need a website that scales accordingly. With WordPress, you get a platform that is continuously improving as your business. With its evolving themes, plugins and content management features, WordPress allows you to have a highly functional website, not just for the present, but for the future too.

Whether you are a start-up, small business owner, or an established business, redesigning in WordPress can bring in lasting cost and business benefits. Redesign your website with us here at Blue Whale Media and get it up and running with a few clicks.

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