Tips for Awesome 404 Pages From The Liverpool Web Design Team

A 404 page error results from clicking a link to a page that has either been erased or transferred to another location. This article, from the Liverpool web design team, helps to inform you more about 404 pages.A 404 page is frustrating for both users and search engines. While users respond by leaving your website altogether, search engines respond by refusing to index your website efficiently.

With an expert Liverpool web design company, you can make your 404 page a platform for customer engagement and lead generation.

Here are some ways to create a user friendly 404 page.

Incorporate Familiar Features

Customise your 404 page to include familiar features such as the company logo, colours, and branded graphics. This makes the page familiar for users without making them feel stranded. If a user has come to your website through a third-party source, such customisation would be a reassurance to the user that he/she is still on your website.

Use Simple Methods of Redirection – Top Tip From The Liverpool Web Design Team

The objective of a customised 404 page is to help users find information they were looking for, within the least time possible. Have a note of apology, and include elements that facilitate this objective:

  • Give a link to your homepage
  • Direct users to your Contact Us page
  • Have a sitemap option and let users find the page they need

Do not crowd the page with too many links, which can confuse users further.

Facilitate Customer Engagement

Use the 404 page to engage your audiences while being helpful:

  • Offer an email contact to enable them to reach you
  • Have a live chat option to guide them to the page they want
  • Provide links to your social media pages. They get to know you on these networks and can even have their issues resolved through peer interaction
  • Include a site search option so users can search your website for themselves
Get Creative

An experienced Liverpool web design team can use the 404 page to raise audience interest by:

  • Placing humorous cartoons or graphic characters to tackle frustrated users while helping them with information
  • Listing links to your most popular blog posts
  • Using a guiding audio or video piece describing what users need to do further

Travel the extra mile for your audience and build a helpful 404 page. A professional Liverpool web design company can help you make the most of your 404 page.

At Blue Whale Media, we have an experienced team that understands both business and audience needs. Our customised 404 page designs are helpful, creative, and crafted with the intention of converting every visit into value for your business.

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