Tips For Creating A Great Checkout Experience On Your Website

You have a stunning ecommerce website. Sales are good. One look at the website’s analytics and you notice something’s wrong. You notice that a good percentage of visitors drop out in the middle of the checkout process. Let the website design Warrington team explain. Although you need to make truce with the fact that some customers will drop out during the checkout process, there are some things you could do to convert other customers.

Here, our website design Warrington team discusses some handy tips for creating a great experience during the checkout process.

Keep The Checkout Form Simple – Top Tip From The Website Design Warrington Team

Every ecommerce website requires users to fill in some details during the checkout process. However, a long form will put off your customers. Keep only those fields that are absolutely essential. Remove anything else that may hinder the checkout process experience.

Make the form filling experience easier where possible. For example, your website design Warrington team could allow the customer to duplicate the shipping information with a check box instead of having them type the same address twice.

If you are keen on collecting additional details to keep in touch with the customer, do so after the checkout process.

Don’t Make Registration Mandatory

You want first time customers to feel at ease during the checkout process. Overwhelming them with too many requests will only put them off. Take new users checkout without having to create an account.

Offer them the option to register after they’ve completed the checkout. Explain the benefits of having an account to encourage registration. You could even offer them an incentive to register. A discount voucher on their next purchase, perhaps?

Discuss this in detail with your website design Warrington agency to make an informed decision.

Allow Modifications

We all make mistakes. Sometimes, customers add the wrong products to the cart, or they change may change their mind by the time they checkout. Make it easy for them to modify their order.

If the prospective customer wants to remove a product, provide a remove button that deletes the product. This way, order modification is quick and easy.

Blue Whale Media will completely agree with this suggestion.

Back Button

The back button is the most used button of all in a browser. Indeed, some people will use the button during the checkout process.

Your website design Warrington should work from the perspective of the user than anyone else.

Some sites limit the functionality of back buttons during the checkout process by way of error messages and auto redirects. This is a sure fire way to piss of a customer who is used to the back button doing its job.

The back button should not only lead the user back to the previous page, but also display the contents of the form. This way, the user can make changes as necessary and continue like nothing happened.

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