The top 5 most common web design trends to expect in 2021

Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2021

Web designs play a central role in determining the outlook layout for a website. It refers to the appearance and layout of your website to attract a mass audience. Since web design takes the role of conceptualising and planning the entire content, you have to follow the proper and latest web design for a relatable and effective appearance. 

What is the importance of web design for your business? 

Web design is as important as your website’s name because, without the implementation of web design, your content can be dull and uninteresting. Implementing web design on your website offers numerous advantages, more than you can imagine. From the structure, colour, layouts, and appearance of your website, web design ensures easing your website’s content. It helps in maintaining the appearance of your website in and out. 

With Liverpool’s best web design company, your website and business will experience a great approach to a diverse audience. The appearance of a website is the keynote to attract visitors; however, it does not mean that you can use any random design because doing so can destroy your content’s purpose. Now that you know the importance of delivering web design for your business. Learn more about the types, newest web designs and tools required for web design in 2021. 

Types of Web design

Web design comes in two types which are Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Web Design. You have to know the importance and meaning of these two designs if you plan to create a web design for your website in 2021. 

Responsive Web Design 

Responsive Web design refers to the design of a web that helps produce your website on various devices. It performs in delivering easy access, no matter what device the users use. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a necessity if you want to thrive your business. It sets no limit to your websites’ designs and sizes and produces creativity and engagement alone the lines. It changes the website without changing the features no matter what device you use. 

Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive Web Design is a different approach to Responsive Web Design. It is based on delivering a great experience to its users by accessing a website without any technical limitations. This web design is based on functions with different layouts and selected specified devices and screen resolutions.

Top 5 web design trends for 2021

Every year, web design trends range from various designs, and it brings an enormous blend of digital and realistic touch. Take a look at some of the hottest web design trends of 2021 below:

1. Parallax Animation

Parallax web design is a relatively new feature in the design world that ensures smooth scrolling for web pages. It means that through parallax animation, a website’s background will remain static while you are scrolling it down, which will give the site an illusion of depth. 

Parallax animation is an excellent choice for 3d effects wherein you will see the background of the web page moving slowly from your website layout. Proving that two images can work great, parallax animals hosts an interesting site design with maximum appeal. The parallax effect provides a smooth scrolling animation that can be added to any website.

You can check out parallax effects in Full Page Parallax Scroll Effect, Multi-layered Parallax Animation, Firewatch Parallax in CS, Parallax background hero and Parallax scrolling websites. 

Simple steps to follow while creating a parallax animation

  • Select two different images to create two separate layers for the parallax effect.
  • Choose one image for background and the other for foreground.
  • Resize the images to align and fit the document correctly.

With its optical illusion of aligning two different images, parallax animation is an excellent choice for your website design. Websites in conjunction with the parallax web effects help the content fade and slide in effects, making it look unique and professional than standard static content. 

2. Collage Medium

Collage, up to this day, offers a great method to layer down different photographs or illustrations. Collage medium helps web designers to draw a variety of creative effects to convey their message. It allows in bringing a collection of visuals in just one snapshot. It is the oldest and most popular web designs that you can choose for your website. It will not disappoint you with its art that offers different materials to stick in one frame. 

3. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is a website style which offers a frosted glass effect with a combination of a colourful background. Businesses use this new UI trend. Glassmorphism offers the easiest effect to implement in your website and business. With its glassy and cool appearance, it delivers an outstanding performance on different backgrounds. This website design also works well on dark them with its new CSS properties. 

Glass morphism is created using three different properties. 

  • The first property is a blur element.
  • The second one is the box-shadow.
  • The third one is the use of colourful background. 

4. Hand-drawn illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations work so well to keep up with creativity and realistic content for their visitors. With the display of authentic art, hand-drawn illustrations offer a great design to your website and business. 

Hand-drawn illustrations are a hassle-free technique with the implementation of simple and original hand-painted illustrations. You will not need any use of software to implement this design on your side. 

Simple steps to create hand-drawn illustrations for your site:

  • Draw any logo concept of your choice on a piece of paper.
  • Transfer those ideas into photoshop.
  • Use the brush tool on Photoshop and draw your real-life drawings.
  • After colouring your logo designs, you can erase the lines of the drawing to avoid any unnatural image.
  • After setting the image to natural and hand-drawn illustrations, change the image to black and white.
  • Take a screenshot and open it on adobe illustrator.
  • After setting your hand-drawn logo into an illustrator, you can use the image trace tool to turn it into a vector design. 
  • You also have the option to readjust your drawings to create the perfect hand draw vectorised look.
  • The last step is to ungroup the shapes of your drawings and colour them to your content. 

5. Combination of colours

This web design creates a good user experience with its elusive and interesting web effect. This web design can be a long and difficult procedure cannot pick your colours and need to work on the colours of that brand. While other times, you will need to work from scratch to pick the brand’s right colour. In that case, you have to understand the meaning of each colour like red, green and blue, white, purple, brown, etc. Each of these colours represents a different meaning, and choosing the correct colour for a brand enhances a site’s content. For instance, green colour is associated with nature.

Similarly, the blue colour is associated with the skies. On the other hand, the red colour indicates cultural identity and love. At the same time, white colour is an association with death and mourning for western people. Learn more about the meaning of colours here.

After understanding the website’s needs and content, this web design allows you to create colour palettes to blend them with other colours. This will add contrast and layout to your site. This design helps in colouring the shapes and images with an aesthetic layout and develops your website.This is another great web design for 2021.

Best tools to enhance your web design

  • InVision Studio: Considered as one of the most powerful web design tools, Invision offers interactive interfaces with different ways to improve your website. Along with exploring your site’s design, it also helps in testing your site. 
  • Adobe XD: This is the right tool to create your website. From solid colour to gradient change, repeatable grids, prototyping, it highlights as a perfect tool for web design. 
  • Marvel: It is a great website tool to design your website neatly. It offers to boost prototypes.
  • Weebly: Weebly is used to generate web designs for websites and businesses. It comes at an affordable price. 

Final thoughts 

Looking at the newest web trends for 2021 and the tools that help enhance your content and website, you should look forward to using these web designs to develop your website business rapidly.