Web Design Mistakes That Will Prove Expensive For Your Business – Part 1

Our web design Warrington team believe web design is akin to art. Everyone has their own opinion about what’s functional, what’s visually stunning, and a lot more. While some design elements come and go depending on what’s trending, there are some features have a huge impact on your website visitors and eventually your business.

Whether you are looking to hire a web design Warrington agency or already have a website, the checklist below should help you create a good website.

Poor Readability & How A Web Design Warrington Agency Can Help

You have hired an expert copywriter to create some awesome copy for your website. The message you want to convey will prove ineffective if the text on your website isn’t visible at all. Take a long, hard look at your website. Do you have to put a lot of effort to read the text? If yes, it’s time to speak to a good web design Warrington agency.

Too large or too small text may be hard to read. Another readability issue arises when the background colour and the text colour don’t complement each other. For example, yellow text on white background.

Your web design Warrington agency will find the trouble spots on your website and fix them. If your website is very old, it might be a good time to redesign your website.

Links Leading The Wrong Way

Links help the visitors in navigating your website. However, what happens if you send your visitors to a page they didn’t expect to reach? When a website visitor clicks on a button or link, it should reach the desired page. If it leads to the wrong page or an error page, it will frustrate the visitors and they will bounce off your website in no time.

Ensure all links (be it call to actions or buttons) on your website are working, and are pointing to the right page. This is a common error that may crop up when DIYers work from a template. Hire a web design Warrington team for an error free website.

Hard To Locate Checkout Cart

If you have an ecommerce website, you will have a cart. However, if the cart is difficult to locate, you have a problem. Your customers won’t forgive this grave error. They will simply give up and buy from your competition.

Make sure the cart is visible. Make the cart a fixed part of your website’s header. This way, your visitors will easily be able to locate the cart and checkout.

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