Website Redesign – Design for Your Target Audience

You have made the decision to redesign your website from scratch. Whether the decision was a result of feedback from customers or a realisation that your page looks outdated, it’s time to update your website. It’s time to look for a reliable Liverpool web development agency.

There could be many designs and features that may inspire you, but your website may or may not need each of those features. Your website is not for you, but for your target customers. You must design keeping your ideal customers in mind. Here’s what you can do.

Create a Buyer Persona

You cannot design a website for your ideal customers unless you understand them. So start by creating a profile of your ideal customers.

What are their preferences, how old are they, what are their professional goals, what do they do for a living, what are their interests and hobbies, how do they use social media channels, and other information that can help you reach them effectively.

Create Brand Recognition

You have put in endless hours to create the right corporate identity and to understand your target customer. It’s obvious you want your design decisions to be based on your brand. However, ensure that all decisions you make are from the perspective of your target customer so you have a design that your ideal customer can relate and identify with.

Be it the layout, design, colour scheme, the navigation or the copy, every aspect of the web development should be a result of an in depth understanding of your ideal buyers’ journey.

But how does that help you?

This works as an awesome passive marketing tool as you lead your visitors to your offer, sign up form or contact form.

Optimise Your Website Copy

A website redesign is a great time to take a good look at your content and update it. Review your copy, and check whether it is appropriate for your ideal customer. Updating your content also has myriad SEO benefits.

In Conclusion

A good website redesign is one that is aimed at your ideal customer. Blue Whale Media will work with you all the way to create a website that wins your target customers. As a trusted web development agency in Liverpool, we have you covered.

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