9 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

9 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

Today you cannot depend on the desktop version and ask for a good business outcome. The reason is that there is over 1.2 billion people that uses mobile devices to approach and gather information online. According to research, there are more smartphone users than desktop users across the web.

To avoid the loss of massive traffic and business opportunities, you need to get provide responsive design for the users to be easily accessible to our websites. The following are the prime reasons why your website’s Warrington designers must think about a responsive design.

Increase the use of mobile devices

Since the number of mobile devices is increasing; most users opt for mobile rather than desktop. According to HubSpot, around 61 percent of users stick to the website if it provides a better experience to them and vice versa.

Google prefers mobile-friendly sites

In 2018; Google came up with a mobile-first index, which was a significant blow in that year, making responsive design compulsory for all websites. As a result, most business sites have moved towards responsive design to enhance their Google search ranking results.

Improvement in user’s experience

The website’s main aim is to understand the user better to stick around the website by scrolling up and down. Responsive design has made it possible by providing a single site where users can access all areas without using other sites. 

Speed competition in the loading of pages

It is possible to open content in just one second only if the site is accessible to responsive design. You will also lose users if your content takes more time to load, which will hurt your SEO rankings, traffic, revenue, etc.

Creating opportunities through social media

Using responsive web design in social media can create more opportunities as most social media activities involve mobile devices. Users can also gain opportunity with just a matter of tap.

Use of responsive design for economical purpose

Earlier, you have to create separate business sites for all devices. With the introduction of responsive web design, it has solved the high cost of management and reduced time.

Increase in the conversion of rate and sales

Mobile–friendly website helps the user to have 24/7 access to your product, which leads to an increase in conversion rate and sales of their products.

Updating your sites for future use

Technology is growing at in fast rate, so it is essential for the designers to design for future use so that it will be able to access all new upgrading devices.

Providing an edge in competition

Still, many websites do not agree with the dominance of mobile websites today. In that way, you can quickly overtake them in case of brand power. 


So mobile-friendly website is essential to gain the trust of the user. You can also access to responsive design or template for your website to provide mobile-friendliness. Since the use of mobile-friendly is rapidly increasing, it becomes an excellent opportunity for business to grow.