Wordpress Web Design Manchester Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Keeping up with changes can be hard, especially when it comes to the Internet. Here are some Wordpress web design Manchester trends you don’t want to miss:

Web Design Manchester Trends

Are you a business owner in Manchester or Warrington with your own WordPress website? WordPress is popular for creating a website in part because of its design options and ease of use. In fact, WordPress accounts for 27.7% of the internet’s content management systems.

It can help you create an impressive website, but that’s only part of the process. You can maximize your internet presence by paying attention to web design trends. Doing this allows you to present your product or service in the most effective way. It also helps you to market your business better and avoid missing out on opportunities to grow. You can use creative ideas and web design Manchester trends to help give your business a strong presence online. And after all, who doesn’t want that these days?

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the hottest web design Manchester trends we are seeing with WordPress!

Pictures, Video & More

Besides written content, visitors want pictures, videos, and interactive imagery. YouTube is a leader in online video content. The website has over a billion users, which makes up almost a third of all people online! The written word on your website serves an important purpose. But using video gives your visitors a chance to be more engaged. This can help you deliver your message better.

Video presents a continuous flow of information to your visitor. This lets you maximize the presentation of sights and sounds as you deliver information. The use of full-screen video headers are also becoming more popular. Full-screen video headers are seeing an uptick in use in web design Manchester trends. This is due, in part, to high-speed internet connections and the ease in capturing HD-quality video footage. Cinemagraphs are a unique visual element also gaining steam in WordPress web design trends. These are still-frame pictures with a moving feature to one part of the image, which draws your visitor’s attention to it.

 One-Page Websites

One-page websites are also an emerging web design Manchester trend in WordPress. These are becoming more popular as mobile devices are being used more to surf the web. In fact, more people used mobile and tablets on the internet than desktops for the first time in October 2016!

One-page websites on WordPress allow you to use a scrolling feature. This adapts well on a mobile device and minimizes the number of clicks and load times for users. It brings them the information they want efficiently and faster.

Larger Typography

WordPress web design trends include the use of larger typography. Smartphone designers are making larger screens on devices and you can’t ignore this! It’s something you have to keep in mind as you create your website. With more people using mobile devices on the internet, it’s a no-brainer! Larger typography is also easier to read because of its size. This can help ease your audiences’ ability to read (or want to read) your written content.

Security Matters: Encryption

Protecting your customers from identity theft is important when creating your website. The BBC reported that in 2015, there were 148,000 identity theft victims in the UK. With the rise of social media and the use of the internet, consumers want to buy things at a place where they feel their information is safe.

Protecting user information through increased security measures is an emerging trend. Consider using a form of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. These encrypt user data, which makes your website more appealing to a consumer. It helps protect them from the threat of identity theft and your business from hacking.


An emerging trend in WordPress web design is a focus on the speed that your website loads. Users in the UK and across the world want a website that is easy to use and that loads quickly. When you are creating your website make speed optimization one of the things you are focused on. If your website is loading too slowly, you risk missing out on potential business — even if the product or service you offer is a good one. Speed matters to your users, so it should matter to you too!

 Focus on Web Design Manchester Trends

Creating a website through WordPress can be one of your businesses most important resources. But just like most things in business, it’s execution is an important part of your website’s success. Staying on top of emerging web design Manchester trends in WordPress helps you to create cutting-edge website designs. There has been an increase in the use of photos, video, and imagery. Potential customers will appreciate the quality of the well-written word.

But complement that with colourful images or high-quality video. Also, consider incorporating cinematography as something unique. Think about the effectiveness of an on-page website. It can maximise your users’ scrolling ability. It also might make sense, given the increase in internet usage on mobile devices. Part of the aesthetics of your website is going the way of larger typography. It will allow you to appeal to a wider range of users while also being something easier to read on a smartphone or tablet device.

Protect your business and your customers from a headache and cost that come with identity theft or hacking. Nothing can guarantee safety from this, but take measures to help prevent it. Incorporating SSL certificates can help you do this. This can also help your users browse your site with confidence. While content is important, be mindful of the fact that speed matters. Users want a polished web presence from your company, but they want it fast. Let them navigate with ease and this will help you to avoid losing out on market share because of it.

You’ve worked hard to make your Manchester or Warrington-based business a reality. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat your website the same way. A strong internet presence is a valuable tool, so take the time to design it well. Now help your business take the next step by taking advantage of the web design Manchester trends that are guiding the design of WordPress websites in the UK and abroad! Written and published by Blue Whale Media.

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