Writing Stunning Headlines for Your Facebook Ads – Three Ideas

Facebook has a massive reach, with more than a billion daily active users. Our social media marketing Warrington team feel that’s a great opportunity for you to reach and engage them with your brand.

With the targeting options that Facebook offers, you can reach your target audience quickly and easily. But whether they click on your ad and convert depends on the actual ad itself.

Our social media marketing Warrington team offers three insightful tips for creating eyeball grabbing headlines.

Call to Action

After all, you want them to visit your page or website. Why not make it clear with a clear call to action in the headline. An effective Facebook Ad headline starts with the action you want your users to take.

For example:

  • Visit Our Store
  • Get a Call Back
  • Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring


Ask a question in your ad headline to hook your users’ attention so they are drawn in to find the answer. The trick is in asking the right questions. You must ask questions that your target users are asking.

For instance, if you are selling baby nappies, your target audience is newborn parents. Your ad headline could say:

“Looking for the right nappy for your baby?”

You could also ask questions that trigger some emotional response in the users.

Pique Their Curiosity

Create a headline that inspires curiosity in your users.

Essentially, you are teasing the content on offer on the website you are linking to. The trick is to do it without making it look like a clickbait strategy. Here are some wonderful ideas:

Hire a Social Media Marketing Warrington Team

We hope these three tips help you maximise the ROI of your Facebook ads. If you are unsure or can’t find the time, get in touch with Blue Whale Media. We can help with your social media marketing campaign.

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