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Comparing Website Design Warrington Agencies – Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed five questions to ask website design Warrington agencies to help with your comparison. Here’s a look at five more questions to ask these agencies to help with your decision making.

What’s The Build Process?

There’s much more to website design than writing and putting together codes.  Where will the design sit during the build process? Who will take charge of sourcing the content and images? If it’s a CMS website, what’s the content management software used? How are revisions to the design tracked? Who is handling the initial SEO task? Who will show me how to use the CMS and manage my website?

The build process is highly crucial to the successful launch of a website. So ensure that the website design Warrington agency completely explains this process.

What Will Happen At Each Stage?

Ask your website design Warrington agency what the role of each person in the team is, and what should you expect to see. Is there a plan for the content? Are there any design concepts that will be submitted for your approval? How many stages will be there during the development of the site?
It is crucial to get a complete overview of the scope of the project. Be really sceptical of agencies that commit to delivering unlimited revisions. It’s a subtle sign that says that they are more or less not going to listen to your feedback comments and you will eventually have to choose from what they’ve created.

Where Will The Website Be Hosted?

A good website must be complemented by a good hosting environment. Ensure that the hosting service is reliable and reputed. Shared hosting is not a deal breaker, but ensure that the website is backed up, and you have FTP access if need be. You may want to hire another website design Warrington agency in future and access to these files will become necessary at that stage.

What Happens At Website Launch?

Once your website is live, you will have to put in a lot of work proactively to keep it fresh. Ask your potential website design Warrington agencies:
– Do you offer post-launch support contract?
– How much would it cost to request any changes in future?
– Is there a simple way to request for changes?
– What to do in case there’s a problem with the website? Will it be handled automatically?
– Once I’ve paid for the website, do I own the website as well as the code?
Your work does not end, rather begins, after the website is launched. So it helps to have access to all the support you require after it launches.

What’s More?

Find out all you can about all the other services the website design Warrington agency provides. Do they help with analytics, business blogging, SEO, and other stuff? What services do they offer to help with marketing the website?

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