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Gutter Guys




22nd July 2022


This client came to us looking to increase their online conversions and leads for their core guttering services. As a local company based in Liverpool, we immediately saw the opportunity to reach a massive amount of new customers in their hometown through a GoogleAds Search campaign.


To ensure the best results we looked into the client’s target audience to learn the type of keywords they would be searching for, which days & times they would be more likely to search at and which headlines would be more likely to result in a click. This included data research with Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and monitoring data collected during the campaign execution.


To create the most relevant adverts, we created three ad-groups to target the client’s three distinct guttering services: gutter cleaning, gutter repairs and gutter installation. Through competitor research we could see that more people were likely to click through the advert if they knew the company was local and cheap. To cater to this core market we made sure to include keywords relating to the company’s locality as well as affordability throughout the headlines and descriptions.

We set up advanced website conversion tracking to monitor the campaign success. These conversions included phone calls, emails and contact form submissions. 


By directly reaching people who were already searching for our client’s services, we were able to secure a good conversion rate at a low cost per conversion price, allowing the client to further invest in their PPC marketing whilst earning a substantial profit. The continuous Search adverts also improved the client’s brand awareness across the target location.