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12th July 2022


When implementing a new campaign for our clients it’s important that we have that initial conversation to establish what we want to achieve from the outcome. From this campaign, it was important to the client that we amplified the conversion of the product we advertised. 


Competitor research was one of our priorities with this client. We needed to make sure that we were staying true to the brand whilst also standing out from the competition. By conducting detailed market research we were able to establish the next steps with ease. We are constantly monitoring the levels of stock to ensure that the campaigns we run are accurate and have a better rate of success. 


At the beginning of this campaign, we focused on brand exposure to ensure that we would have that strong audience base when we begin to showcase products. Once we were able to establish the brand identity with a recognisable online presence we could then publish more about the products. 


Posting regularly across Facebook and Instagram is a great way to enhance the business’s online presence and create a reputable brand. Once this was achieved we could then turn our attention to the next stage of the campaign, the promotion of stock. This is where we would have to work closely with the company to keep up to date with their levels of stock and what deals may be taking place. 


The success of social media marketing means that the client now has an established presence online which helps in their customer retention. By monitoring the success of our campaigns it means that we can continuously improve with each post we publish. The strategic promotion of the client’s products means that the content is being pushed out to the right target audience. Resulting in an overall improvement in the product conversion rate for the client.