Three Tips to Grow Ecommerce Sales From A Ecommerce Manchester Agency

Your website may be top-notch and may have some wonderful products displayed on it. All that can be futile if your website is not selling them. Whether you are a new ecommerce website owner or one looking to improve sales on your existing website, some proven techniques can help.

Hiring an ecommerce Manchester company to manage your website can be a good solution if you are either a new entrepreneur or do not have the time or expertise for the job.

Build it Right

The basic to a selling ecommerce website is an efficient user-oriented design. Every inch of space, from headers to product display area needs to be strategically designed to impress and influence visitors.

Your website should:
• Be aesthetically pleasing
• Have simple, easy and efficient navigation. In short, a navigation that takes users to their desired page with very few clicks
• Easy order placement and payment process
• Safe and reliable payment medium

An experienced ecommerce website design team uses your website real estate wisely, highlighting prominently your main selling points – discounts, offers, etc. User-oriented features such as search option and contact numbers are also given importance and are positioned prominently to enhance visitor experience.

Make Website Improvement a Constant Strategy

A new well-built ecommerce website stops selling over a period of time if it is not improved. Enhance your website features constantly to deliver improved user experience. Elements such as images, content, headers, headlines, product categories and navigation, need to be tested constantly for their efficacy, and improved if possible.

It is equally important to keep monitoring visitor behaviour and including elements that they find useful.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service…Every Time

A highly satisfied customer is your best brand ambassador. Never miss an opportunity that makes customers’ experience with your brand positive. An efficient and well-maintained website is basic to creating good user experiences.

Employ other ways of customer satisfaction in addition to the above strategies:
• Respond promptly to customer queries and grievances
• Include surprises such as free gifts with a purchase. There are plenty of affordable free gift options, and when you buy them in bulk, your expenses are further reduced.
• Incentives for customers who recommend your brand to others

Driving your ecommerce website sales is a continuous process. It requires meticulous planning and an up-to-date knowledge of social media trends and visitor behaviour to employ corresponding strategies.

Expert guidance always helps. A professional Manchester website design company can become your valuable partner in developing and maintaining an ecommerce website that sells.

At Blue Whale Media, we have technicians with over 50 years of combined experience to give your ecommerce website the edge it needs. Designing scalable and customised websites using up-to-date technologies, is our forte. We also offer complete ecommerce Manchester website management solutions.

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